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Jul 28, 2021
Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone is tired of having to contact friends and lovers via messages like me? I am working far away from my friends and lover, so I have no other way to contact other than by phone. Sometimes I want to make my relationship a little more surprising and fun, but it's pretty difficult. But necessity is the mother of invention, I found the Voice Changer application of the Gomin Mobile store - a very cool voice changer application. Thanks to this application, my conversation with my lover and my friends becomes a lot more interesting. Because I like its features so much, I have to share it with everyone right now.


First of all, I have to mention its amazing ability to change voices. There must be about 20 voice effects for you to change. Writing these lines, I remember the voice of my girl friend laughing when she heard the chipmunk voice message I sent her. Admittedly, this is an extremely effective way to coax your lover, you should try now. Besides, Voice Changer also has pretty cool voice effects such as: adjust male voice to female voice and vice versa, duck voice, alien voice, minion voice, drunk voice, helium voice... In general it is a lot. Very suitable for teasing friends and lover.

Besides, Voice Changer also has more than 20 sound effects. These are all familiar and common sound effects, which can be mentioned as: rain, thunder, wind blowing, people's voices, clapping hands, camera sounds, etc. If you want to edit simple videos and audios, this is definitely an extremely good choice to try.

Another thing I like about Gomin Mobile's Voice Changer more than other applications is that it's extremely easy and convenient to use.
- Support recording directly on the phone
- Edit the length of audio or cut audio right at the app
- Support to edit available audio files in the device
- Export files quickly, high quality, easy to use file format
- Share instantly via Messenger, Zalo… or any app you want

In short, I highly recommend everyone to try Gomin Mobile's Voice Changer. I find this to be a highly applicable, easy-to-use application that is extremely necessary for long-distance couples, like me. Sometimes just a slightly different way of conveying makes the conversation much more interesting and engaging. I have recommended Voice Changer to many friends and relatives, everyone's feedback is very interesting. Please try to download the application and see if you like it.

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