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My new composition for the Everwild game trailer:

The new license from the creators of Sea of Thieves looks great, it's a shame it's an Xbox-only exclusive, but it really makes you want to explore this universe. :)
The art direction is very nice, and the animals in the trailer make me dream !
We don't know anything about the gameplay for the moment, but in any case, with a universe of this beauty and magnitude, there's plenty of material to create a great game! :giggle:
My new composition for the PS5 game trailer : Kena: Bridge of Spirits :

Story: Kena, a young spirit guide, travels to an abandoned village in search of the Temple of the Sacred Mountain. She struggles to discover the secrets of her forgotten community hidden in an impenetrable forest where wandering spirits are trapped.

The game looks really splendid, the animation and art direction are remarkable and the gameplay looks quite vivid, it's really my favorite PS5 ad at the moment, I can't wait to try it! :D
I love this! These are very well done, it's obvious in listening to them how much you care about your craft and projects. Thank you for sharing this!
Thank you very much for this nice comment, it warms my heart, it makes me happy to know that you appreciate my music and the implication that I put in my work.
My new composition for the trailer of the game Carto :

Carto is a relaxing adventure game based on a unique system of world manipulation that you will use to explore mysterious environments, help unusual characters and guide Carto as she tries to find her family.

I love the original gameplay mechanics chosen by the devs of the game, it can really create poetic and exhilarating situations if it's well managed, the art direction is super nice to look at too, it sounds like a great game to relax in, I can't wait to try it.

The game is coming out on October 27th if you're interested! :)
Hi everyone ! I'm very pleased to announce the release of the fundraising campaign for a project that is close to my heart :

Fairymm, an independent horror game that revisits the Grimm brothers' tale of Sleeping Beauty!

I've been part of this project for a year now and it's finally time to reveal it publicly !!
To celebrate this you can listen tonight the main theme of Aurora the main character of the game !

And even better than that, you can discover it directly in-game in the free playable demo available right now !

You will find all the information about the project and the link to download the demo on our campaign website :

I am very happy to make you discover this project, you can finally play a video game of which I am the composer, thank you for your support so far, it's incredible for me to see so many people who appreciate my musical sensibility and my work... Love you, thank you so much !!!


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