LoL Best Alistar Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Alistar Skins Ranked Worst To Best)


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Jul 17, 2021
I just ranked all Alistar skins!

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This guy doesn’t get much attention and care lately regarding skins, but he has a decent number of them. 15 skins in fact and I’ll be listing them all from the worst ones to the best ones. I’ll list these skins by their looks and how well they perform in-game. Of course, these skins range from 10$ to 5$ but sadly this champion doesn’t have any legendary skins even though he’s one of the first champions ever released for this game. But to make up for the lack of legendary skins he has a rare unobtainable skin that we’ll get into later. Now enough chit chat let’s get into the list!

15. Original Alistar (Worst)

“Nothing can hold me back.” (Video by ENORIA Spotlights)
It doesn’t get more basic than this. The main theme of this skin is the color purple and maybe the brown pants that he wears. This champion is a buff cow so there isn’t much to work with. What else can you put on a cow except for extra large muscles and some pants? That’s right, nothing else. Alistar is a great tank support that was here since the beginning of time so put some respect on his name.

How To Get Original Alistar:

You can buy the champion and his original skin for 585 RP which is 5$ or you can get him for free after completing the tutorial. It’s up to you if you wish to waste money on nothing.

14. Sweeper Alistar (Worst)

“GOALLLLLL” (Video by SkinSpotlights)
This skin line is the worst in the game. There’s nothing special about them. The champions are dressed up in football gear and that’s it. Some skins have great animations but this one doesn’t. I guess if you like football you might like this skin otherwise it’s a hard skip.

How To Get Sweeper Alistar:

You can only get this skin through a chest as it’s legacy skin.

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