List of Auto-Pop PS5 Platinum Trophies


Jan 8, 2022
Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. As the title suggests this is aimed to be the most up to date list of auto-popping PS5 plats you can find – This also includes information on backwards autopopping from PS5 to PS4. I decided to do this after not being satisfied with out of date information and incomplete spreadsheets found throughout the interweb. I’m not promising this will have every auto-pop or be 100% accurate; this is merely to guide you with information I have found through the research I have carried out.

*Disclaimer* Follow this at your own risk – I recommend checking that my information is correct before jumping right in!

I have found this data by cross referencing all the PS5 releases as listed on Exophase – PS5 and doing research on each game throughout multiple forums and fastest achiever list on PSNProfiles.

If anyone would like to help me with data, please feel free to comment your findings!