Lingolish: Word Puzzle Game


Feb 23, 2022
We are a small gaming studio working on "Lingolish: Code-Breaking Word Game". This is our journey from the very beginning to where we are now!

  • The beginning:
In 2017 we started our work on Lingolish, thinking of it as a small side project that would take around six months to finish and launch the app. at first, there was only me and my partner, both programmers with experience in data analytics, and my cousin, who was responsible for the graphic designs. Well, that was a very optimistic way of looking at it, and it did not work. After one year and releasing the game's first version, we found that this is not a side project and the way to success, if there is any, is to focus on it as the main project.

  • At the moment:
Now we are a game studio of 16 people working in different areas such as UX, marketing and development and still expanding.

  • Challenges on making a word game app:
One of Our Biggest Challenges was making a word game stand out amongst the ones already existing. we tried doing this with the following:
1) Created a few game modes with limited time, chances, or playing against monsters or robots of different difficulties
2) Arranged game modes within a story to create a sense of achievement and prevent boredom.
3) Reviewed players progress and added challenges at levels we noticed drops
4) Created missions, draws, and challenges to keep players engaged on a daily basis
5) Embedded our story within a comic like series of backgrounds that players unlock as they progress
(a picture of a game mode (monster or basic))

Any comment or feedback about the game or our development procedure is very well appreciated.