Lineage 2 - Best tips to farm Adena


Feb 24, 2020
Here are some best tips to farm Adena on Lineage II.

1. Play as a dwarf
Dwarfs are greedy by nature, and NCSoft is well aware of it. It is why the main (and the only) purpose of playing dwarf is making Adena.

2. Find a friend
Dwarves are rather mediocre in terms of the sheer damage and farming mobs. It is why they need a support. Look for a friend, preferably a Prophet, Swordsinge, Bladedancer, or Warcryer.

3. Get yourself a wolf
If you have no friends and you're having a hard time finding them, or you simply don't want to share the spoils (Dwarves are greedy, aye?), buy a wolf and take good care of him. He will make up for your lack of damage.

4. Fishing for gold
Most MMORPGs have this option available. You merely take the rod, sit down at the river bank, and wait for catch. It's very straightforward, and you can AFK.

5. Always have some Adena in your pocket
You never know if you land a perfect trade on the market, so it's better to have a few Adena saved in the pocket for the deal of the century.

6. Pay attention to events
Every anniversary or holidays there can be an event launched which, most of the time, will give you an opportunity to hit some free Adena.
Nice guide ! It’s a good practice to have certain ways to save Adena and farm it better. You need it to buy consumable items, such as Soulshots and HP/MP potions. Those items cost a lot, so it’s a good idea to use them strategically.

For me, the best way is doing Scroll Quests. That’s the most conventional way of gaining Adena. The amount of it depends on your Scroll Grade and as well as your level. You can bind Scrolls with C and B Grade to get A Grade Scrolls.
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