Like the look of Horizon Zero Dawn, but prefer indies?


Jul 2, 2020
Well fam, we have you covered. May I present to you, Project Sky!

This is being made by a single developer. To be honest though, it's probably not fair to compare an unreleased game to an unreleased game. Any similarities are purely superficial at this point (unless you've gotten to play them both and can confirm they are in fact as similar as the look).

Me personally, I didn't play the demo, I tried to download it, but it would never finish for me. I'm not sure if the problem was my internet, or what. But what little I've heard about this game all seems to be positive. I'm just here spreading the indie love. The link below will have all relevant info and links including to the demo and discord.

If you do try it out, come back and let us know what you think.