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Let's talk vacation...

With summer coming up, I find myself thinking about vacations. Both of the future and of the past. What types of vacations do you all enjoy? Would you rather go somewhere that's cold or maybe tropical? Are there there any places you like to visit more than others? What has been your most memorable vacation and why? OH! And if you could vacation ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be and why? Let's talk vacations!


Actually during the spring I went on a vacation to New Orleans and it was probably the most fun I had on a vacation. I got to see the Bayou, historical grave sites, Bourbon street, got to try some traditional Gumbo and Jumbalaya. It was so much fun!


I'd love to visit Madrid sometime this year or next year to watch Real Madrid play. Heard great things about the Santiago Bernabeu, would love to experience it for myself!


With summer coming up but any vaccine, I think all the vacations will be done next year (if all will be good). I was planning my vacation for May, but when the virus became a serious thing I got the refund and now I am waiting and dreaming about the right moment when I will be able to travel again. I am reading different blogs, see here to check one of them, and trying to plan the next trip to be the best one, so I will remember it as the big trip after pandemic!! :D
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I was meant to fly and go on vacation in April but that got cancelled because of coronavirus. I'm looking forward to going to some hot places after everything goes back to normal so that I can get away from the miserable weather over here in the UK right now.


Vietnam - Da Nang
Thailand - Koh Samui
Madeira - Portgual
Mykonos - Greece

Travelled most of the world but these places still blow my mind!


I wish to go on vacation but hard to even go and stay away. Most locations are not open and you can go out for a full day and then back home again.

Can anyone go out for vacation, like a week away in your country/state


I still consider that a vacation. I'm going up to th3 family cabin this weekend and I consider that a vacation.


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Once this whole crisis blows over, I'll probably go somewhere to decompress that isn't my house. Maybe Europe or somewhere nice and sunny.
The weather here is horribly rainy and wet for the next few months.

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