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Yandere Simulator is a game that has been in development for just over six years. It originally started development on April 1, 2014, when an anon on 4chan posted about the mechanics of a "yandere simulator". The name stuck, and the anon was later revealed to be known under the name of YandereDev.

Sidenote: YandereDev was known by "EvaXephon" in his earlier Internet days. That name has become infamous among Internet circles. For very bad reasons. If you wish to dive down the rabbit hole, google the EvaXephon handle.

About Yandere Simulator
In the game, you play as a yandere girl - loving, but willing to kill anyone who stands in the way of your target of affection (which should really be called stalking, as yanderes should not be romanticized.)

While development started in 2014, it wasn't until 2016 that the objectives were announced. The game will feature ten female rivals, with increasing difficulty, and each rival will attempt to steal your target, or "Senpai". Your job is to eliminate them by any means necessary, including killing them, setting them up with other suitors, and other horrible methods of elimination that I don't feel like talking about. (If you're really curious, the Yandere Simulator wiki gives you all the information on them.) These ten rivals are all schoolgirls.

However, as of now, six years and two months into development, none of the rivals have been implemented.
The original plan on the game's website was for it to launch in April 2019. Since then, it has overrun its timeframe by fourteen months.
The original plan after the rivals were announced was for all of them to be implemented in 2017. Since then, they have not been implemented two years after the deadline.

Yandere Simulator was banned from Twitch in January of 2016 because of one of its issues being sexualization of minors.
The dev had implemented a game mode based around shots of the schoolgirl's panties, which is not only sexual harassment but outright sexualization of minors. In fact, there was an entire in-game currency that revolved around taking panty shots.
These girls are schoolgirls. Despite the beginning of the game, which disclaims "All characters are 18 or older, even if otherwise specified", the wiki states the protagonist's age as 17, which is sexualization of minors, and is a blatant contradiction of his claim. Slapping a "they're 18" label on them does not make panty shots okay, YandereDev!!
For around four years, panty shots were the only source of income. Not only is this absolutely disgusting, it's almost borderline illegal. The dev himself states that he was not willing to remove panty shots from the game despite many fans wishing for it to be removed. He did, however, implement an update in which bugs could be placed around school, but the panty shots still remain.

The Plot
There is no plot in Yandere Simulator. The actual game objectives - the rivals - have not been implemented. Most of the game revolves around a few steps: Walk around a school. Go home, or go to a store. Rinse and repeat. With no objectives, it isn't an actual game, despite taking six years to develop.

Why I Dislike Yandere Simulator
I dislike Yandere Simulator not because of its premise, but because of the developer himself.
  • Panty shots. They are a horrible game mechanic that almost certainly exists as fetishization, and the developer has refused to remove them, even after multiple people said that it should be removed.
  • Awful, brutal ways to eliminate rivals such as murder, torture, burning, crushing, drowning, framing for murder, . There are some non-lethal ways to eliminate rivals, but lethal ways are quicker and messier.
  • The lazily-written names. One of YandereDev's characters is named "Midori Gurin." Midori is Japanese for green, and Gurin is, according to him, "how a Japanese person pronounces the word green." Another character is named "Budo Masuta", which is literally Martial Arts Master in Japanese.
  • The Easter Eggs. Most of YandereDev's contributions to the game are meaningless Easter Eggs that do nothing as a whole. Many contain copyrighted content, like the Falcon Punch, One-Punch Man, and DK from companies such as Konami and Nintendo, who will probably sue him if he releases it.
  • Atrocious time management. The game as a whole was supposed to come out in 2019 and the rivals were all supposed to be released in 2017. Both of these deadlines have been completely missed and the dev continues to waste time on meaningless additions instead of adding the rivals, or the actual objective of the game.
What's Your Opinion
Now that you've heard my opinion, I'm curious to hear about your opinion and to discuss about the game.
  • Do you think the game will come out at all, or will languish in development hell forever?
  • Do you think the game will be of acceptable quality?
  • What parts of Yandere Simulator do you dislike?
Final Notes
For more information, feel free to google "YandereDev", "YandereDev drama", or "Yandere Simulator drama". There is so much information about him and his game that I can't summarize everything in a single post.


The concept of the game is fine, I see no issue with panty shots of virtual characters they are not real (have you seen Gal Gun?) same with violence its titled Yandere for a reason.

However the issue is the developer himself He has serious mental issues which cause him to go into metal breakdowns every few months on top even if he could get his game complete he just isnt a very good programmer

for instance this kind of stuff is everywhere in his update method

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