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Aug 28, 2022
Hello Gamers, do you ever sit at anywhere on your phone and be absolutely bored out of your mind. Well I have a game y'all should check it out. It on Google play store for Android, and the game is call AGE OF FANTASY. It a simple pixel game that you have an entire army at your disposal and build your empire on turn base it have a capability to play multiplayer among people who love pvp. The best part about this game in my opinion is that you get to create your own person story on the other tab and hit map creater boy it fun but abit hard to understand how you can do an trigger movement but that ok I'm still learning about this game. What I like it constantly being updated with new maps, units, and techs. If you love military strategy and tactics this game is for you. Age of Fantasy the creator for it have also created other game with similar aspect but different time zones like for example on another app call AGE of Strategy you get to mess with the Roman aspect of unit and building as well. It has also have futures war as well call AGE of Galaxy.i really think y'all should give this a fair chance of a bit run gameplay from your hand. On Age of Fantasy you get to play races like for example Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs, Undead, and Scale folk as well. I have already unlock every unit and building for entire human and still unlocking stuff for the elves. There even an daily rewards for the game. Just go check out this game on Google play store AGE OF FANTASY...

I hope to see y'all comrade on the battlefield

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