League of Legends Best Dragon Soul - Which is Best?


Jul 17, 2021
What is the best dragon soul in the whole game you might ask? Well let me tell you!

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Hello, dragons are pretty cool, right? Well, today I’ll be writing about dragons and how their souls can be harvested and used for your benefit. Have you ever wondered why some junglers don’t take certain dragons and let the enemy have it or why sometimes they even die just to get a certain buff from a certain powerful dragon.

Well worry not as today I will try to describe to you why they do it and why you should always help out your jungler get specific dragon souls. Also, each of these dragons has a standard buff and a dragon soul. The dragon soul is the juicy part and I’ll describe what each soul does and how they change the map depending on which dragon soul is currently active.

5. Cloud Soul

Air makes you go fast brrrr.

Our first soul comes from the cloud drake and it’s the worst one on this list. Most junglers who are smart enough will not die for this drake and will either give it to the enemy team or try to get it if it’s safe enough.

The reason for that is because this drake is the toughest one out of his brothers and sisters and will take the longest amount of time to kill. If I’m playing bot lane and this drake is up for taking most of the time I won’t even move an inch towards it to help out the team.

The standard buff is that he gives ability haste that only counts towards your ultimate cooldown but the cloud soul gives you a huge movement speed boost when you use your ultimate ability. As for the map changes, this guy spawns wind zones and extra vision plants across the map. All in all this guy is bland and boring as a basic white girl in the USA.

What Cloud Soul Excels In:

  • Gives ability haste but only towards your ultimate ability. Good for people who have a long cooldown timer.
  • Spawns wind zones that can help you outrun the opponent chasing you.
  • Spawns extra vision plants that can be helpful if used properly and correctly.
  • Cloud soul gives a huge movement speed buff when you use your ultimate ability which can be good with ADC’s that need to kite a lot.
Cloud soul details:

  • The toughest drake on this list
  • Ability haste (only counts towards your ultimate ability)
  • Cloud soul expires after 6 seconds once you used your ultimate ability
  • Every time someone decides to kill this dragon it grants a stack of “Cloudbringer’s Grace”

4. Mountain Soul

The terrain cucks you more than your wife.

The next soul coming right up is the mountain soul forcefully taken straight from the mountain dragon. This guy is a huge pain to deal with especially if your opponent gets the soul buff. Now dear reader if you’re asking yourself why is that?

Well, let me explain to you quickly. Upon killing this drake your team gets extra armor and magic resistance and upon getting the soul from this drake your team will gain an extra shield.

This is the best defensive dragon as it makes you harder to kill especially in the late game once tanks are at their full build potential. As for the map changes this guy just brings a few stone walls around the map which can cuck you from getting a kill most of the time.

What Mountain Soul Excels In:

  • Gives the team that killed it armor and magic resistance
  • Tanky champions benefit a lot from this drake
  • Potentially cucks the enemy team from one-shotting you
Mountain Soul Details:

  • Gives 6/12/18/24% armor and magic resistance
  • Upon getting the soul the team is granted a 200 defensive shield
  • Spawns extra walls around the map that can be used to juke the enemy or cuck you from getting a kill.
  • Each mountain dragon slain grants a stack of “Mountainous Vigor”