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Jul 28, 2021
Hello everyone. I don't know about everyone, but every festival season comes, I have hundreds of photos to post. In the past, I was often labeled as "virtual living" by friends, posting pictures all day long. But what to do with too many beautiful photos! Especially on big festivals like Christmas, more and more photos want to be posted. Personally, I'm an Android user, after a while of trying a lot of photo collage apps, I've chosen the last stop, the LAYOUT app. But it must be the Kiwi Store's LAYOUT application!


As a projection that has gone through many photo collage apps, I have summarized some advantages and disadvantages of the LAYOUT app according to my assessment as follows. First, some of the features I really like in LAYOUT:

1. Constantly updated
All templates, collages, borders or stickers are constantly updated by the app, adding new items and special versions for different festivals. Especially during the Christmas season, there are so many special items. Items have been updated from now on.

2. Modern style and catch the trend
LAYOUT's templates, collages, and borders make me really impressed. It is not inferior in the slightest to the more famous and older apps. There are many sets that look even more modern and beautiful than the big apps. I took a look at the new items in the Christmas season and found it very busy.

3. The sticker set has 1-0-2
LAYOUT's Christmas sticker set has to say: Can't match anyone. This cute sticker set is designed and conceptualized by the app itself, so it is definitely a unique product that cannot be found anywhere else. Surely this sticker set of LAYOUT will make your Christmas photo much more cute and lovely.

However, LAYOUT has a small minus point that there is some paid content, everyone. But in my opinion, the fee is also quite cheap because buy once and use forever, including new updates of the app later on. That's too good. Compared to other apps, this is still cheap. Or if you don't want to lose money, I think it's ok to use the free version of the app. I also use the free version until I buy the paid version.


Personally, this LAYOUT app has all the features I need, especially for this upcoming Christmas season. Take a look at the app's new items, which are already in the Christmas atmosphere. LAYOUT is definitely my indispensable tool this Christmas. Everyone try to download the app and experience it, surely you will not be disappointed! Trust me this time.

You can download here: Collage Maker - Pic Collage - Apps on Google Play

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