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[Latest Update: February 1, 2020] The Forum Rules

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Oct 21, 2019
The Forum Rules

Welcome to JoyFreak! We’re excited to have you here, and we hope that you make constructive conversations and have a good time.

JoyFreak is a video game forum, but it is also a forum for people of different ages to hang out and talk with one another. To make sure that society doesn’t devolve into anarchy members are treating each other well, there are a set of rules that all members have to follow when starting a thread, making a post, replying to a post, or creating a PM.

If you want to make a post/reply, but you believe your post/reply may break one of the rules below, please copy the text of the post and PM a moderator for approval:
  • Be polite to all members. Please remember that there is another person on the end of that username, and that an innocent comment can be taken the wrong way. It’s a lot harder to convey tone online than IRL.
    • No trolling, bashing, or flaming other members.
    • No discrimination of any kind is allowed.
    • Debate the argument, not the person. Personal attacks are not allowed and will be dealt with speedily.
  • Don’t make threads complaining about other members.
    • If you have an issue with another member, try working it out with a PM first. If that doesn’t work, use the Ignore function to minimize all interaction with them.
    • Do not make threads complaining about them – these will be locked and quickly dealt with by the moderation team. Remember, JoyFreak is a community where everyone should feel welcome.Some examples of complaining threads include:
      • “Please ban [user]”
      • “Ban [user], please.”
      • “[user] is a terrible member”
      • “[user] is a sockpuppet.”
      • “[user] doesn’t belong in the JoyFreak community.”
  • Don’t respond to the obvious trolls. If you see a post which is obviously trolling or flaming other members, do not respond to it – that just feeds the trolls and causes them satisfaction. Instead, hit the report button on the post.
  • Try to post in the right forum. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, and often times, moderators will simply move the thread and leave a small note indicating that it had been moved, but please don’t post content in the wrong forums maliciously. If in doubt, PM a moderator with the content of the text and add “Does this belong in the [insert forum here?]”.
  • Don’t necropost if you have nothing constructive to contribute.
    • This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule against necroposting in general, just a rule against making posts that do not contribute.
    • It’s fine to reopen an old thread (three months or older) if you have something that contributes to the conversation.
    • Do not necro a thread for the purpose of spam, insults, personal attacks, or off-topic comments that do not contribute.
    • In the event that a thread has been necroed too much with content that is deemed to be unhelpful to the conversation, the thread may be locked.
  • No spamming. JoyFreak is here for video game discussions, not as a venue to repeatedly promote a product you sell or to promote your opinion. Light promotionof something is OK – spamming is not.
    • Don’t advertise products which are made as game hacks.
    • Don’t advertise websites which allow you to buy game accounts.
    • Don’t make multiple posts in a short period about what you’re advertising. Make all updates in the one thread alone. Multiple posts with similar subject matter may be merged by a moderator into the oldest thread.
    • A moderator may edit a post and attempt to trim out all spam content if the post is deemed to be spam. We’ll always try to salvage the content of the post unless it means deleting the entire post.
  • Don’t repost deleted posts. They were deleted for a reason. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Similarly, what was deleted off JoyFreak should remain deleted off JoyFreak.
  • Try to make constructive additions to a discussion. This isn’t so much a hard-and-fast rule as it is an idea for community enrichment. Posts like “+1”, “this”, “yeah”, and the like, without clarification, only serve to repeat the reasoning of the previous poster, and don’t add to the conversation.
  • No NSFW content of any kind, whatsoever.
    • This is a hard-and-fast rule. If your post contains NSFW content, it may be deleted by a moderator without warning and you may be banned.
    • Remember – JoyFreak is supposed to be a family friendly website.
  • No inappropriate usernames.
    • Ditto. See Rule #7 above. Once again, JoyFreak is supposed to be family friendly.
    • If your username is deemed to be inappropriate, your account may be rejected or you will be asked to pick a different one (which will need to be approved by a moderator)
    • If you attempt to change your username to one which is inappropriate, your username change will be rejected.
No more than one account per person (unless staff permission is given)
  • This rule is to prevent banned users from circumventing their ban, be it temporary or permanent.
  • You may not have more than one account per person, unless explicit permission is given from a member of staff.
  • If you are found to be operating multiple accounts without explicit staff permission, all duplicate accounts will be permanently banned.

All rules applying to posts and threads also apply to PM conversations as well. Just because it’s private does not mean that there aren’t rules about it.

Ban Appeals

If you have been banned, you may use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the website and explain why you believe you should be unbanned. Ban appeals are deliberated among the staff and the moderation team.

To be unbanned, you will need to:
  • explain to us that you understand what you did was wrong,
  • convince the moderation team that the ban is not necessary to prevent any further damage to JoyFreak, and
  • propose a solution to how you would positively contribute to JoyFreak in the future.
We understand that 99% of us are human (and 1% may be pesky spambotters), and that’s why (barring spam bans), we’re more likely to lean on the side of temporary bans for first offenses. Almost everyone deserves a second chance (except for automated spambots – those get no mercy.)
Please be aware that all ban appeals are recorded – therefore, multiple-ban offenders will be judged stricter than single-ban offenders.

On moderation decisions, there is no “one-size-fits all” basis, apart from a blanket ban on spam. The moderation team decides everything on a case-by-case basis to ensure fairness among the team, because it wouldn’t be fair if we treated a death threat directed at another member and a misplaced post with the same amount of hostility.

One final thing – the rules are not weapons. Please don’t attempt to find loopholes and then plead ignorance. Don’t post in a one-month thread with an insult and say “oh, but it wasn’t three months!” when it gets locked. Don’t make 20 posts in the wrong forum with obvious intent (after a moderator has moved them and left a note) and then plead ignorance. The rules are not weapons. Rules-lawyering™ us is not going to end up well.

Update: January 16, 2020
You will now need 5 posts to create a thread. For newer members, you can reply to any posts in any forum, or you can make your first post in the welcome thread. Once you have 5 posts, you will be able to start a thread. If you have 5 posts and cannot start a thread, please PM a staff member for manual validation.

These rules may be subject to change at any time.

Last Updated: February 1, 2020.
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