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To get things started....

Zombie Driver HD (PC) - fun 2D driver/shoot-em-up/run 'em over - 6

Got this for free, looks pretty good and fun in short bursts. Would get repetitive I'd you tried to complete in one session.

Man Of Medan (PS4) - 6

Not quite as enjoyable as Until Dawn, but very few games in this genre. If you can ignore what I consider as flaws, probably a 7 or 8.


Punchline was the last game I finished that had a plot. Its a quirky visual novel which I really enjoyed a solid 7.5 out of ten. It's plot is funny in places but also a bit predictable it doesn't take itself too seriously wich is a welcome change


Assasins Creed 2. It was kind of revisit because one of my nephew got new machine and he wanted to play it. And so we did and it was a good experience. I'd rate it as usual anything 4 as those games are good.


Games that I play never has an ending :p

But still have some games that I need to finish off, FayCry 5 and always walking the dead series games

Cookie Doug

I think it was the whole MegaMan Zero/Zx collection and that was a week ago, i already played those games in their original platforms years ago but i love them!

Inti is best Megaman at its most creative, love the action, visual artsyle is very cool, music memorable plot and characters best in the series i recommend it and give a solid 8/10, but obviously i can rank the games too :p

MegaMan Zero is a 7 because its a little rough, being the first in the series the art is not as detailed, music is nowhere as awesome, story scenes not as cinematic, stages get reused etc. But still, i love it and recommend its very fun playing as Zero, bosses are excellent i keep coming back to it but the cyber elf system is a bit annoying.

MegaMan Zero 2 is a 8, noticeable jump in graphics and story, new forms' and Skills to upgrade, i keep coming back to this one despite some of the stages being gimmicky and its pretty hard at the beginning
MegaMan Zero 3 is a 9 the best in the series, overall best story, more content, slightly easier, final boss is amazing.
MegaMan Zero is a 7 downgrade from 3, cyber elf system is a mess and weapons not as interesting, but it has an amazing ending

MegaMan ZX 9 i love this one, some will complain about its map but its also very cool to have atown in a MegaMan game, stages, bosses and music are among the best in the series, graphics are very nice too.
MegaMan ZX Advent 6 by far my least liked takes away what made the first zx unique, gives tons of unnecesary forms that slow down the game's pacing, main characters are annoying and i really dislike model A gameplay and voice. Though its still a solid game


I've finished what I believe is the main story of The Division 2 so I'm calling it done. I've not completed all of the side missions and I'm not going to continue with what happens after the main story as there seems to be a lot of content, but life is too short etc.

Very enjoyable game though and a solid 8 from me.


The Last of Us Part II.

5/10 for me. The story is depressing, but in general, the game looks and plays amazing.
That's lower than I expected. Maybe you should write a review in a separate thread for us to understand why. I personally loved it and gave it a solid 9. There were some aspects that could have improved but overall it was a great game.


I finished man eater I'd give that a solid 8 out of 10 a decent game that's all about having fun and goofing on pop culture

Blind men is a good visual novel for 2 quid you can't go wrong it's probably a marmite game for most people I'm giving it a 6 out of 10 it's a unique game and an easy platinum for a bargain price


The Surge (PC) - 8
Had no idea what this game was, got it as part of a bundle and recently decided to have a quick look at it prior to moving it to the "not to be played group" on Steam. Turns out that this is a Sci-fi version of the Souls games. If you don't like the Souls games then give this a miss, but if you enjoy them, this is a bit of a treat. All of the same elements from the souls games that you love and hate (exciting exploration, new weapons and items to discover, risk of losing your souls scrap before using etc). Unlike the souls games there are no camps which means there is effectively only one base per level where you can heal. On the plus side though, each level has various short cuts that open up to allow a quick way back to your base (which is a medical bay) and one other advantage over souls is that you can bank the scrap so if you die, it is safe.

For the most part, enjoyed this although like the souls games (at least for me) it is very frustrating when the difficulty of certain enemies sends you back to camp to start again. Some parts are unclear on where to go (so relied on a guide from time to time) but other than this issue and the annoying difficulty of some enemies (which does get a little easier as you upgrade your character), well worth picking up if you like this sort of game.

One thing that probably could have been done better is the equipment and weapons you pick up during the game, the weapons in particular. From the point I beat the first boss and took their weapon, this was the only weapon I used for the rest of the game. No obvious advantage to any of the weapons found later in the game.


Finished Overcooked 2 with my younger sister and honestly it deserves a 10. The game is great to play with family or friends and it is so much fun!


Just finished "Close to the sun" (one of the many free Epic games). If you like the story driven games (i.e. mainly walking about and exploring) then this is a fairly enjoyable title. The performance though is pretty poor, had to set this to 1080p to get a constant 40+ FPS. The other thing that lets this down is how dark it is in some parts, really had to ramp up the brightness and even then some parts were still too dark.

Probably give this a 5 or 6.


Well, I finished the new Animal Crossing, in that there's really nothing left for me to do my island. The museum is as full as I can get it until later in the year (I don't like messing with the system clock just to warp ahead). My house is as large as I want it and it's full of things I like.

I give it a 8/10. It's fun and sets out to do exactly what a traditional Animal Crossing is designed to do. I think it could have used more activities, there's still too much repetitive dialog, and the item wheel should be the default - not something purchased.

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