Kromaticube is looking for streamers to play the game


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Jun 4, 2022
Hello guys !

I'm posting this because I'm a little indie game developper. I just published a game called Kromaticube on Steam. I wonder if some of you were video game streamer looking for game to stream. Warning : this is not a triple A game. This is a short little indie game with 6 levels and with a retro style game design.
Goal is simple, you "just" have to stay alive at least 60 seconds to complete a level. This is addictive and a bit hard. You have to try multiple time before to get to the next level.

I would be very happy if you wanna try my game and also stream it on your twitch / youtube plateform.
If you are interested, DM me and just send me your channel link and tell you are interested in playing Kromaticube so I can give you a free Steam Licence.

Here you can watch the trailer :
Here is the Steam page :

Thank you for reading ! :)
Maybe there is other game developpers wanting to show their projects. You can also showing yours in this post I guess

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