Kratos God of War – a hero or a villain?


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May 13, 2021
Kratos in God of War is known as The Ghost of Sparta, is the main protagonist in the game. Do you know him well enough? Let’s discover more!

God of War Ragnarök is currently in development for a 2022 release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Kratos also appears as the protagonist of the 2010 and 2018 comic series, as well as three novels that retell the events of three of the games.


Kratos in God of War is a Spartan warrior. He became the slayer of Gods, ending the Greek pantheon. Then first appeared in the 2005 video game God of War, which led to the development of 7 additional games featuring the character as the protagonist.

He is a power-hungry Spartan saving his life but eventually forced to serve the Olympian god Ares. In a murderous rampage, Kratos accidentally killed his wife and child.

Kratos renounced Ares, became a tormented soul, and served the gods for ten years in hopes of becoming free of the nightmares. He eventually killed Ares and became the God of War, but was betrayed by his father, Zeus.

He attempted to free himself from the influence of the gods and Titans, culminating in a final confrontation with Zeus, ending in the god’s death and the reign of the Olympian Gods.

In the afterlife, Athena appeared and Kratos sacrificed himself to prevent her from becoming the supreme goddess of the world.

He is a god to Atreus.
Many years later, surviving his fatal sacrifice, Kratos now lives in the world of the Norse gods in Midgard where he now has a son in the name of Atreus.

Following the death of his second wife Faye, he and Atreus journey to the highest peak of the nine realms to live up to her promise and spread her ashes there.

During their journey, Kratos eventually reveals that he is a god to Atreus, and after defeating Baldur and in turn becoming an enemy of the Norse gods, he finally reveals his troubled past to his son and that they should learn from past mistakes.



Kratos is the son of the Olympian Zeus and the mortal Callisto. He is a demigod, giving him godly superhuman power.


He has been immortal as the new God of War until he lost his godhood. He has been cursed for his sins to never be able to die. From this time on how he survived his suicide with the Blade of Olympus.

However, in God of War (2018), Kratos does age physically, although at a slower rate than a mortal.


Kratos is resilient enough to several forms of powerful magic. This allows him to easily take mystical attacks capable of normally killing humans with ease from the Gods.

This does not prevent his body from being physically wounded, although most wounds that would kill a mortal man are much less fatal to him.


Kratos has incredible super-strength, overpower monsters, Titans, and even Hercules. Kratos’ physical strength most likely comes from his relation to his father Zeus, having also fathered Hercules and being incredibly powerful himself as king of the Greek pantheon.


Some impressive feats of Kratos include using his bare hands and raw strength to prevent the Titans Atlas and Cronos from crushing him, managing to wrestle and subdue many large and powerful beasts.

When fighting against Hercules, Kratos was capable of stopping his charges, forcing him back and enduring his powerful bear-hugs without any ill-effects.

In Norway, Kratos could push the 1 million ton bridge surrounding Tyr’s Temple with little to no effort. What a surprise!


He is very agile and quick, with the ability to sense danger. He can use different weapons and magical powers. Kratos can also keep up with beings who possess superhuman speed, such as Zeus, Charon, Hermes, and Pollux and Castor.

He is very good at climbing mountains and buildings, jumping at great heights, and swinging over a big gap.

Also, he is capable of withstanding falls from great heights and walking away unharmed, getting crushed, stabbed, beaten, blasted, and burned by various enemies and traps without any damages.


This factor allows him to heal & regenerate from injuries at a fast rate. Although he can rapidly heal from injuries caused by godly weapons, there was a scar left on his body. Due to his regenerative healing factor, he can resist attacks and regenerate even being impaled by the Blade of Olympus.


Kratos is very fast, capable of matching the likes of Zeus with speed of lightning, Charon, Hermes, and Pollux and Castor.

Kratos is very fast, with speed of lightning.
His speed is the major factor in his victories, as shown by how he used his superior speed to kill Magni before his reaction.

This is further improved when he gained Boots of Hermes, Although he is physically slower than Baldur, his reflexes and reaction speed are enough to block his attacks.


Kratos has unlimited stamina compared to a mortal man. This allows him to remain constantly active for days without tiring. This also helps him to accomplish such feats as spending days scaling the temple of Pandora to Pandora’s Box or taking down big monsters.


Kratos’ senses are great, making him aware of everything around and to sense potential danger.

In addition, he has the innate ability to absorb any power from any beings he has killed, which gives him more powers used on his quests.


He’s able to solve any problems, shown himself to be clever and cunning. He can use the environment against his enemies, using Megaera’s anger to his advantage, and feigning defeat to Zeus to catch him off guard.

Kratos gains a higher level of intelligence, being able to solve complex puzzles created by some of the best Greek architects.

His wisdom has carried over in the Norse era, solving several problems in ancient ruins and temples during his journey.


He’s determined and dedicated to anything he sets his mind to, Kratos has demonstrated great willpower and fortitude during his journeys.

He has done what most in the Greek and Norse pantheon have considered impossible, such as killing a god, obtaining Pandora’s box, escaping from the Underworld, changing his fate, and killing Zeus.

This helps him to break free from the Furies’ illusions, stop Hades from ripping his soul, and resist Aphrodite’s seduction. Kratos’ will is deeply thrived from his need for vengeance, never giving up until killing those who wronged him.


Kratos is also highly appreciated by his skills and powerful warrior, displaying immense mastery with his weapons. He learned many of his fighting skills from other gods, most from Ares, the former God of War himself.

In general, Kratos’ years of training made him a dangerous fighter in both armed and unarmed combat, he is particularly excellent at wrestling and close combat, using his high physical prowess and Spartan technique to make up for his lack of superhuman powers that other gods possess.

He is a master of using Hammer, Axe, chain and shield, too.
His age did not affect his skill at all, allowing him to hunt monsters and proved capable of overpowering the likes of Magni and Baldur in battle.

Also, He is a master of using Hammer, Axe, chain and shield, too.


Although having many strengths, Kratos has some weaknesses affecting his action and journey.

He lusted for vengeance, which has made him reckless, destructive, and negligent.

His vengeance made his mind or reasoning lull, as he killed innocent people or destroyed numerous cities.

This weakness was against him, such as being a pawn of Gaia to get her revenge on the Olympians, a pawn of Athena’s plan to become queen following Zeus’ death, or being easily provoked by Zeus when he was taunted.

So, with his strengths and weaknesses, what kind of person is he worth? Leave us a comment you share your idea of Kratos.

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