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Jan 19, 2023
Indiana, USA

Wow this is a weird klonoa door to phantomile. This is something I knew about back in 2010. I first heard of this when I was just learning about the worldwide web, the internet I saw on the Nintendo website in wii sections. where they host trailers and pictures of games that were on the will but i didn't know what this game was. I heard a few things through youtube and I wouldn't own the game until 2018 through the ps3 store through its ps1 classic. It was a fun time but the version I'm playing is the fantasy reverie series, a remake of klonoa 1 and 2 and when this was announced i was like omg i don't have to sell a kidney to play klonoa 1 and 2 . if i have to say one bad thing about the collection is the fact there no more cg cutscene like in the ps1 and you may act like you don't care but i thought the cg cutscene were a good look at especially with the scene where the moon kingdom appear and klonoa get piss in the wii and the collection there it just shock look. the other thing why didn't they redo the voice acting now with klonoa 2 this ain't a jaring issue but with the first game it the og ps1 voice audio and that weird since the wii remake rid the voice acting both english and the phantamilin language so why not use that audio .so what the positive well the 3d modules are on point dang this remake is munch more visualizing compare to the wii version . and while were on the wii version does anyone think joker should have been voiced by darek steven prince when i playing this i was doing a impression of demi devimon and while i think klonoa english voice actor was ok i think you should have gotten a female actor who can cute male voice dang the two voices i was thinking was Debi Derryberry and mona Marshall and you may think that not sound great but may i remind you debi play zatch and monoa play astro boy once so i would be down . ya what about we get into the game

Plot summary

Ok this game got more meat on the bones so let's summarize it was sunny in the wind village klonoa and his friend hewpoe saw something crash on bell hill. klonoa and hewpoe go check it out and soon meet balue who tells them about the songstress lephise who sings her song of rebirth who lives in the moon kingdom. they continue making their way on the top and once they are there they soon two fine joka and the main villain ghadius .who wish pleg the world into darkness and bring the world into nightmare by take the moon pendant but when looking for the pendant on lephise but it not there the both notice klonoa and ghadius take the songstress.and the two fight joka they beat the boss and soon find the mood pendent in the bell they show it to Klonoa grandpa who tell them to go see chieftess. they try to go find her and on the way they fine her and tell them that moon pendant but joka evedrop and when going back to wind village joka take the moon pendant by blowing up grandpa house the fuck . ok i bet this is going to be a reveal that he ok ohhh ya joka take the pendant and klonoa grandpa died on screen oh god . um they go to face ghadius but he soon reveals the location of the moon kingdom. At first all hope is lost but with the help of Pamela they make their way up there it soon reveals that huepow is the prince of the moon kingdom. ok that's weird but klonoa makes his way to ghadius who is about to succeed with his plan but soon stops. At first everybody cheer but soon find out ghadius unleash a monster name nahatomb *sign* just wait . they defeat him and afterward klonoa and huepow relax and…. Oh it soon reveal that klonoa not from this world and once laphise sing her song of rebirth he'll have to go back to his world and that happen a portal open and here one of the most stab to the heart scene of the game klonoa get suck in and the world back to normal and all is save but for what cost


Damn that was a page turner. I never saw that much plot put in a platformer ya there was the mega man but not counting battle network and star force dang legend those games barely gave you not that much plot. with this everything flesh out and gradius despite being generic villains do being an ominous present throughout dang instead of klonoa being the typical mascot platformer character does have personally that fit in a game like this he is playful he is cute and advertus something that make this game work. The gameplay is somewhat simple. This game is a 2.5d platformer klonoa can jump and glide. He can inflate an enemy with his wind ring and throw an enemy to another enemy and can use an inflated enemy to double jump. Thought out the level there is jem and collectible? If you can call saving people in a bubble collectible. Ya the level design uselize klonoa ability to the fullest there even some puzzle element if you can call these bosses but still i do like how the level looks visually and that great . but if i have to say one bad thing is the hover ya klonoa hover but it ain't no flutter jump i barely use this and when i did it help me from a fail jump but on the other hand i can do the same by inflating an enemy. The other thing the boss don't bring any challenge it have a weakness inflate a enemy on screen and hit it weak spot .there only two boss that give you shit is ghadius and nahatomb in a fight that suddenly spike i difficulty that up until this point have been easy like kirby game. Dang level 6-2 is a kick in the balls small platform and enemy placements that make me lose my playing streak. And while thinking about it, the first game plot sounds a little like Kirby adventure but with a bit more plot. Ghadius is just a nightmare wizard or enemee if you grew up with the Kirby ya just blew your mind right there.

Final thought

Klonoa was great though despite the last two boss and level being a buzzkill i found the game to be fun romp thought out i suggest you play this game and support the game so we can get another game and show bandai ya i should say bandai namco but really it bandai fault we haven't got another so ya i love thought out and i hope you do to.
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