Kiwi Farms: An Unconventional Nexus of Gaming Culture and Online Controversy


In the vast landscape of online gaming communities, one platform stands out as a peculiar intersection of gaming culture and controversial discussions - Kiwi Farms. With its unconventional origins and reputation for provocative content, Kiwi Farms has garnered both intrigue and disdain within the gaming community. This article delves into the unique aspects of Kiwi Farms and its relationship with gaming, exploring the platform's history, its impact on the gaming landscape, and the ongoing debates surrounding its existence.

The Birth of Kiwi Farms​

Founded in 2013 by Joshua Conner Moon, Kiwi Farms emerged as an offshoot of the now-defunct message board CWCki Forums, dedicated to documenting the eccentricities of internet figure Chris-Chan. However, Kiwi Farms quickly expanded its scope beyond Chris-Chan and began tracking individuals, primarily those associated with online controversies and subcultures.

Blurring the Lines: Kiwi Farms and Gaming​

While not solely focused on gaming, Kiwi Farms often attracts discussions and debates revolving around the gaming industry, prominent developers, streamers, and gaming controversies. The platform provides a space for users to dissect, criticize, and analyze various aspects of gaming culture. Some discussions center around ethical issues, industry trends, or the behavior of influential figures within the gaming community.

Unconventional Reputation​

Kiwi Farms has earned a reputation for harboring provocative and contentious discussions. This reputation stems from the platform's adherence to free speech principles, allowing users to express themselves freely, often leading to heated and controversial debates. Consequently, Kiwi Farms has drawn criticism for promoting harassment and bullying, as some users exploit the platform's permissive environment to target individuals associated with gaming controversies.

The Impact on Gaming Culture​

Kiwi Farms has had a noticeable impact on the gaming landscape, primarily due to its role as an aggregator of information related to gaming controversies and scandals. It serves as a hub where users can share, dissect, and discuss events unfolding within the gaming industry. This has led to a heightened level of scrutiny on gaming personalities and developers, encouraging greater transparency and accountability.

Debating Ethics and Boundaries​

The existence of Kiwi Farms has sparked intense debates regarding online ethics, privacy concerns, and the limits of free speech. Critics argue that the platform enables and even encourages cyberbullying, harassment, and doxxing, posing potential dangers to those targeted. Supporters, on the other hand, emphasize the importance of unrestricted dialogue and argue that Kiwi Farms acts as a watchdog, holding individuals accountable for their actions within the gaming community.

Moving Forward: Challenges and Opportunities​

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the role of platforms like Kiwi Farms will likely remain a subject of contention. Striking a balance between free expression and maintaining a safe and respectful environment will be an ongoing challenge. It is essential for online gaming communities to foster inclusive and constructive discussions while actively combating harmful behavior.


Kiwi Farms has established itself as a unique nexus where gaming culture intersects with controversial and provocative discussions. While its reputation remains divisive, the platform undeniably influences conversations within the gaming community. Recognizing the opportunities and challenges associated with platforms like Kiwi Farms will be crucial in shaping a healthier and more responsible gaming landscape for all stakeholders involved.
'the platform undeniably influences conversations within the gaming community.'

What codswallop!

Kiwi Farms has had the sum total of zero effect on the gaming community. Its snidey incel little creeps just try to instigate trolling within gaming communities, but because they all use Kiwi Farms own distinctive lingo - in particular yammering on about "troons" (which they seem to use against anyone they dislike regardless) they stick out like sort thumbs and are ignored - granted, because half the time no one ever understands a word their posts say.

Each gaming community has their own house trolls, people who have been with them for years, understand the style and contexts required to make troll posts which will trigger reactions. Kiwi Farm members by contrast jump from place to place looking for bites, stick out like sore thumbs in their clumsy fishing expedition posts, and get either blocked by members or kicked by admins.

Kiwi Farms have been overhyped for years by lazy clickbait journalists and career attention seekers into a bigger deal than they ever were. That you actually made this post Alex a fortnight after KF was effectively declared dead shows you're not exactly one with your finger on the pulse either!

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