Kingdom Hearts III


After so long, the long-awaited new installment of the Kingdom Hearts Franchise has finally arrived! I can't wait to see what adventures Sora and company will be bringing us on. I haven't gotten around to playing the game yet, but I'm eager to see how they built up the KH universe. The Kingdom Hearts franchise and the Final Fantasy franchise were basically my childhood, so I'm hoping they did the former justice with new sequel.

Have you played KHIII yet?


not yet :( I'll need to wait for a pc release to get my hands on it which is a real shame as I've played most of the other ones on the ps2 and gba i did see some news sites saying that is was a maybe in future

But yeah i'm really interested to see how the newer Disney ip's manage to fit in with whole thing.


I have seen the gameplay and noticed that they have improved a lot. And the best part is that they have covered some of the disney characters. And it seems like a good start for their new release. I hope that they continue to expand on their approach. Currently I loved watching their first of released gameplay on youtube.