Killing Floor 2 Review - Is It Good or Bad?


Mar 25, 2021
Killing Floor 2 Review

Killing Floor 2. God, I remember playing the first part back in 2010, those were the times, but I’m here to review Killing Floor 2 - a game where you dismember, mutilate, disembowel, burn, decapitate, cut in half, poison, and most mercifully - shoot in the head with a shotgun!

This game is perfect for sociopaths and psychopaths, lunatics and maniacs and I’ll be giving this game a fair review by judging its:
  • Story
  • Gameplay
  • Combat
  • Quest/Mission System
  • Graphics
  • Developer
  • Price
  • Alright guys, let’s start with the review of Killing Floor 2!



When dad finds out that you’ve burned the pan!

What story does this game have? Well, there was an evil corporation once that committed some horrible experiments on people, that corporation was called Horzine - unfortunately for them, or the rest of Europe, the Zeds escaped the facilities stationed in Europe and a full outbreak occurred on the whole continent.

The story sucks, there’s no follow-up or anything because this game is only about violently killing Zeds - and that’s it. The story is nonexistent, so you know what that means!



Strawberry jam everywhere!

Killing Floor 2 is rich in ways of killing Zeds, it has classes, such as:
  • Berserker - melee weapons
  • Commando - rifles
  • Support - shotguns
  • Field Medic - guns that shoot healing darts
  • Demolitionist - rocket launchers, grenade launchers
  • Firebug - flamethrowers, incendiary weapons
  • Gunslinger - revolvers, pistols
  • Sharpshooter - sniper rifles
  • Survivalist - this class allows you to use any weapon that you like
  • SWAT - Sub-machine guns

Each class has its own perks and multiple weapons+upgrades, when it comes to perks there are 10 perks in total for a single class.

This game also has a wave system:
  • The shortest one is 4 waves
  • The medium one is 7 waves
  • And the longest one is 10 waves

At the end of all waves, there can be one out a few special bosses:
  • Patriarch - IMO, he’s the weakest one, I’m always glad to get this prick
  • Dr. Hans Volter - He’s pretty hard, but beatable
  • King Fleshpound - Very hard boss, tough and fast, has multiple good abilities