Kids spent up to £600 playing FIFA


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May 2, 2019
There is a trending news about how four kids made use of close to 600 pounds buying special players for their FIFA teams while gaming on the family's Nintendo Switch console.

If you play FIFA, you will understand how important it is to play with special players on the game and this was what the kids did making use of their family bank account to make those purchases.

I understand that we should allow our kids play games sometimes, but there is need to monitor the type of activities that they get involved while playing the game. Don't you think so?
I'm not sure why the parents would leave their payment methods connected to the shop when they know that their kids might purchase anything with a few clicks. The parents should have told the kids to not purchase anything without their permission at least or just don't leave payment methods connected next time.
That's a lot of money for game something like FIFA. Considering how bad that game is and how they are doing all the new changes. It's not worth it from what I have seen so far.

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