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Dec 12, 2018

  • Release Date: Out now!
  • Developer: 1939 Games
  • Publisher: 1939 Games
  • Platform(s): Steam, Android/iOS (later this year)
  • Price(s): Free
KARDS is a WW2 card game that features quite a few unique rules as to how the game plays out, namely:

* You pick a main Faction, but also get to pick a second ally that you can use up to 12 cards from to create your deck.
* There's rows, by default you play units in the support row near your HQ (which is your life), but you can move them to the frontline to push into the enemy's side. The catch here is only one player can be in the frontline at once.
* Units fall into several different types (Infantry, Tanks, Fighters, Bombers, Artillery) that each have their own rules.
* Rarity dictates how many copies of each card you can use, in order from common to rarest: 4/3/2/1.
* Your mana (Kredits) is used not just to play cards but to also move & attack with your units. Each unit has a different cost for operating it.

In a sense, the game really feels like Hearthstone if it was combined with something like Gwent's rows. It works really really well, and in a close game the game really feels like a tug of war over the frontline.

The game also has a really great fluff to it:

* There's pretty authentic period music that plays in the game.
* All the card art is drawn in the WW2 propaganda style and honestly, if you're a WW2 nut, it's great.
* Every card in the collection screen includes genuine historic information behind every card, examples below:




* Nazi Germany (HQ: Danzig after it was captured) - Germans can be heavy aggro with Blitz cards or play very Tempo based and try to out value their opponents. Their closest analogue in Hearthstone would be Rogue.
* Great Britain (HQ: Alexandria) - GB has a lot of buffs/heals and can build up a large defensive army that slowly whittles their opponents down. Their closest analogue in HS would be Priest.
* Soviet Union (HQ: Stalingrad) - The Soviets have a lot of cards which harm themselves in the hopes of gaining value later on or putting out lots of units to try to out number their opponents. Their closest analogue to HS would be Warlock.
* USA (HQ: Cherbourg) - The Americans have a lot of Kredit ramp and higher cost units that put in a lot of work. Their closest analogue in HS would be Druid.
* Japan (HQ: Hsinking) - The Japanese have a lot of units that deal damage when they are killed and are pretty gung ho about aggressiveness. Their closest analogue in HS would be Hunter/Mage.

* (Ally Faction Only) France - France is a heavy defense faction that tries to make their opponent run out of cards by sustaining past them. Closest HS analogue is Warrior.
* (Ally Faction Only) Italy - Italian units are exceptionally strong but have drawbacks. Closest HS analogue is Shaman.


* Infantry - Basic ground unit type. Has summoning sickness, can only attack in front of themselves, etc. (unless stated otherwise on the card)
* Artillery - Can attack anyone on the board and doesn't receive damage back when attacking.
* Tank - Can move & attack during the same turn.
* Fighters - Can attack anyone on the board and prevents enemy Bombers from attacking other targets in the same row as it.
* Bombers - Can attack anyone on the board and doesn't receive damage back when attacking unless attacking a Fighter. Bombers deal no damage when they are attacked.
* Orders - These aren't units, they're spells basically, although some work like Secrets.

How F2P is it compared to other card games?
Better than HS (there's a LOT of Achievements that give you Gold/Cards/Packs/etc, you get ranked rewards per faction and that includes at the end of the month too), but worse than Gwent (then again so is everything else pretty much) and Legends of Runeterra.

That said, one thing that DOES tip in this game's favor is it doesn't add cards as often as these other games, which means you can actually complete a collection over time.

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