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Feb 7, 2019
In this game you are playing the character of Rick. And you have mission to liberate one of the island named Solis from the dictators. And trying to get things back in the order. So this seems like a good typical game where you are going to explore and check out some physics defying narrative on time to time. It seem like typical open world adventure but there are lot of things in it. So check out the walkthrough here for more information.

Honestly, the game feels like it has been rushed out to get some extra money for the company. It feels like a slightly upgraded Just Cause 3 which is exactly why I haven't got the game. I know that some players aren't happy with the game either. I like the idea of the tornado in the game, but it's just not for me really. I like my open world games to be a bit more realistic and less gimmicky like Just Cause is.
Yes it does feel rushed. And I'd say that there are many other similar games which were rushed for the sake of launching and trying to make money. I think they didn't made much improvement on graphics side or even on the storyline side. So on that note I'd say yeah you are right that game was purely rushed for money.
I've barely got my hands on JC3 and you tell me there's a 4th one out there? Wow, great! :D
I've barely got my hands on JC3 and you tell me there's a 4th one out there? Wow, great! :D
JC3 is pretty old if you ask me. I am sure many people have played and it's already passed the time and now the new one is arrived on time on that.

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