June 2020 Top Stories: PS5, Okami 2, TLOU2 Reviews


The Last of Us Part II Reviews Go Live, Here are the big Takeaways

A gamesindustry.biz article brings together the main publications reviews and opinions, but the major takeaway is the games focus on themes of revenge, violence, and questioning those ideas. The games presentation of violence, and attempting to make the player feel for the characters they kill, is very didiving. The Kotaku review notes how they became numb to it.

Despite that The Last of Us Part II has been reviewing very favourably on Metacritic, at 96/100. Most reviews praise the gameplay improvements, design, aesthetic and feedback loop. It’s the story and theming that seems to be divisive.

Sony had their ‘Future of Gaming’ Event

Along with showing off exactly what the PS5 actually looks like, Sony revealed plenty of new IP’s coming to PS5 both this year and next. The entire event and all the separate trailers can be found here on PlayStation’s Youtube channel. The biggest reveals were Resident Evil 8: Village, a Demon’s Souls Remake from Bluepoint Games, Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Forbidden West, Rachet and Clank Rift Apart and Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Some of the biggest issues coming away from the event are that the PS5 is yet to still have a price-point, and that it took around 24 hours for Sony to end up being somewhat clear as to what Spider-Man Miles Morales actually is.

Star Wars Squadrons to be shown off on Monday 15th June

After a leak on the Xbox website revealing the games artwork and title, EA officially announced in a tweet that info on Star Wars Squadrons is coming. The reveal will be taking place on Monday 15th 8AM Pacific, or 4PM BST.

Whilst there is no info on the actual game, we can hazard a very well educated guess it’s a space combat game similar to starfighter/rogue squadron. You can check out the official trailer when it drops here.

Ikumi Nakamura is going to pitch an Okami sequel to Capcom

Nakamura, known for her passionate stage presence at E3 2019 for Ghostwire Tokyo (a project she is no longer a part of), and as an artist on the original Okami has said she wants a sequel to get made. In a Tweet and an IGN Japan interview she’s made it very clear that after quarantine lifts she wants to pitch an Okami sequel with the original Director Hideki Kamiya at the helm.

"For me, the most important thing is that if it happens, I want [Hideki] Kamiya to direct it again, because it’s Kamiya’s work of art and I feel like works of art like that should be out there,”

Battlefield 6 going back to the modern day (RUMOUR)

According to information from a Gamesradar article, Industry Insider Tom Henderson and Jeff Grubb corroborate that Battlefield 6 will be going back to modern day.

Henderson responded to a tweet praising Battlefield 3 saying “you’ll be a happy bunny next year then”, then confirmed his statement by saying he was referring to the setting of next years game (not that it will be a remaster).

Any new information of Battlefield 6 is yet to surface, EA have made no comment.

This was the Weekly Gaming Newscast , where we breakdown the news and provide it sources from the last week.

Source: TheGamingRecord | Weekly Gaming Newscast (8/6/20) - PS5, Okami 2, TLOU2 Reviews

Last week there was A LOT going on, from TLOU2 reviews going live to the PS5 reveal event. What did we all think about everything that was going on? Personally I'm super excited for Ratchet and Clank!!
I don't mind the mixed reviews at all. The Last of Us Part II is going to be a winner. I still have my doubts that the story will be better than the first game. So far, it looks pretty bleak. Not to mention, overly violent. But we'll see.


Okami 2 has been teased so much with nothing coming from it that I just...can't care unless something concrete happens. It's my :

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