JoyFreak gets a new theme!


Hi everyone,

I've been working hard on a new theme the past few weeks. I wanted to take my time with this one and bring you something fun. There are a lot more ideas I want to implement into the theme so this isn't the finished product. I will also be working on introducing a dark version of the theme sometime in the week, so stay tuned for that. As always, if you find any bugs please report them in the feedback thread in the announcements forum.

I hope you like the new theme! If you have any suggestions then drop them in the feedback thread too.

Kindest regards,
JoyFreak Admin


It's kinda bright, and there's no distinction between background and foreground. That's a bit disorienting....


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I like the new theme a lot. It's really sleek and streamlined, and I quite enjoy being able to see a lot of posts at once.


We've added a dark theme that can now be accessed via clicking "Dark theme" in the footer of any page or via your preferences page. Please bear in mind that it's not fully finished yet but we figured it's time we made it available.


Was going to say if there is a dark side as well as the light and seen the option on the bottom. :) I like to have it dark for night time use and Light in the day LOL

I like the theme, easy to get around and read.


Hi everybody,

I've worked all day today to bring a dark version of the default light theme and I can gladly say it's now available for use. For those who have defaulted to the light theme, you can easily change to the new dark theme via a number of ways:

1. Top right corner you'll find a moon, near the search button on desktop or off-canvas menu on mobile.
2. Bottom left corner, in the footer on both desktop or mobile.
3. Via your preferences page.

I'm positive this will be THE theme from here on, which means no more changing.. so get used to it :p.

As always, if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, then fire away! We'd love to hear them.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far.


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Looks good. Although, I prefer the dark variant over the light one. The light one seems a bit too bright.......too much white in it.
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