JoyFreak Features List


Ignore Feature

JoyFreak allows you to easily ignore any user, forum, thread and tag by clicking the Ignore button.

If you accidentally press ignore or otherwise want to remove it from your ignore list, don't worry! Simply navigate to your accounts page and click "Ignoring" to reveal everything you've ignored.

Custom Threads/Posts Per Page

JoyFreak allows you to set any custom value you want between 50 and 100 posts and/or threads per page. Simply check your account preferences and enter whatever number you desire.

Please note that the default setting is at 50 posts per page and 40 threads per page.

Similar Threads

When creating a new thread, you will be shown a list of similar threads that already exist. This should help members avoid posting duplicate threads for news or topics that have already been covered.


Threadmarks empowers thread creators with the ability to curate their own threads by selecting posts to be added to an index that will appear at the top of the thread.

Thread creators will be able to choose the default Threadmarks category (intended for updates, great or notable posts in the thread). A second category, Staff Posts, is available to staff only and will be used whenever there is a risk of a Staff Post going unnoticed. When entering a large thread, be sure to check first whether the Staff Posts index is present at the top!

More Embeds

JoyFreak supports embeds for 39 different services including podcasts, audio, crowdfunding, and more. You can check out the full list of supported embeds below.

GitHub Gist
Steam store
Straw Poll
Trending Views
Gamer DVR

Multi Prefix

Multi prefix allows you to apply more than one prefix to a thread and a maximum of three prefix per thread. The are several prefixes to choose from when creating a thread and a minimum of one prefix must be selected.

Live content

Content is now live on JoyFreak and will poll for updated alerts and conversations counts from anywhere on the forums. This feature also allows for conversations and posts to be updated when viewing, without the need for refreshing the page.

Covers for Threads and Profiles

Members are able to upload cover images to personalize their profile page. Thread creators can also upload cover images for individual threads as well! The recommended resolution is at least 1000x600 pixels and is limited to 1024kb file size.

Covers will be moderated like any other images or avatars.

View Top Posters in a Thread

At the top right of every thread you will now find a 'Who Replied?' button which will rank the posters in the thread by descending post count. You can even filter names on the list.

Quick Jump - Number Key Navigation

Did you know that you can navigate the site with the number keys on your keyboard? This function has actually been available from the beginning. The numbers correspond with the navigation destinations. For example, while browsing the site, if you press the number 1, you will be brought to the main page, 2 for the Gaming Forum, 3 for the General Forum, 4 for Trending Threads, 5 for What's New and 6 for Watched Threads.

Staff Posts

Official Staff Communication
This is what we will use when we need to get your attention.

From now on official communications (except mod edits) will be made using Staff Post tags. Any attempt to impersonate a moderator with these tags will be met with a permanent ban.

Non-Binary Gender Option

We've implemented the option for users to set their gender as non-binary!

Username Change

You can now request for a username change through your account page. You can simply do this by navigating to your “Account details” page where you will notice a “Change” button next to your username.

You will be prompted to enter a new username and a note about why you are requesting the change for the staff to review. Username changes are not always guaranteed.

Please note you can change your username only two times every 7 days.

JoyFreak Premium Gifting

Have you ever wanted to do something nice for another member? Maybe they did something nice for you, maybe they made an awesome post, or maybe you're just feeling generous. Well now you can give them the gift of JoyFreak Premium! Simply click on a users profile and you'll fine a Gift option, where you will be able to gift 1 month or 1 year of JoyFreak Premium to another poster.