Journey to the Savage Planet Hot Garbage DLC coming next week


Journey to the Savage Planet Hot Garbage DLC was detailed by Typhoon Studios and 505 Games today.

Journey to the Savage Planet’s ‘Hot Garbage’ expansion rockets players to a new alien planet DL-C1 and tasks players with investigating reports of strange spikes in pollutants at Kindred Aerospace’s (voted 4th Best in Space) new interstellar waterfront resort. After discovering robotic representatives from Vyper Corp, (voted 2nd Best in Space) are using Kindred’s resort as a toxic waste dump, players will explore their way through more alien goo and report their findings back to corporate headquarters.
~Typhoon and 505.

Using the Kindred scanner to report their discoveries, players will unlock new upgrades to gear and abilities including lead boots for adventuring underwater, a specialized Kindred suit for traversing toxic areas, an unlimited stamina ability for endless sprinting and the power of flight (well, sort of).
The DLC will be available on Xbox One and Windows PC via the Epic Games Store from April 15. PS4 release will follow sometime in 2020.

Journey to the Savage Planet is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The title heads to Xbox Game Pass for console on April 9.


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