Journey to the Savage Planet gets Old Game Minus mode


Journey to the Savage Planet has received a game updated that includes a new mode called Old Game Minus. It’s not your usual New Game Plus mode, as expected from the title.

In Old Game Minus, players will be able to replay the game with limited lives (3) and a timer. Save data is deleted when the mode is completed or failed. Playing co-op? The pair of you get to share a massive pool of lives (still 3).
~Typhoon Studios

In each of the Journey to the Savage Planet‘s biomes, an extra lives is hidden if you’re willing to give the mode a try.

Journey to the Savage Planet is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.


Feb 7, 2019
3 lives and a timer? Sounds like a rush for survival. Which maybe a fun experience for some gamers to be honest. But not sure how some people would find the limit of 3 lives only reasonable.