Jeff Bezos, World’s Richest Man, Wants Your Donations To Help Amazon Employees

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Dec 11, 2018
A man worth over $100 billion, who makes, on average, $230,000 per minute calling on the public to help his own impoverished employees was not met well by many. Amazon itself is worth over $1 trillion, and some felt Bezos himself was in a better position than others, especially members of the public also economically hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, to help his own staff. Furthermore, the company is notorious as a bad employer. Forced to forego bathroom breaks, many company warehouse workers are effectively compelled to wear diapers during their shifts. Other employees report working in unsafe environments and being punished for injuries sustained on the job. The company also does not provide its employees with regular access to clean water.

Richard Branson, who's airline was quite happy to charge crazy amounts just a few months ago for beling a little overweight on your luggage, was the first to ask for a Government bailout … from his Billion £GBP Caribbean island no doubt where it costs more than a wealthy person's annual salary to stay a night!

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