Jazz Music anyone?


Way back in my high school and college years, my well off friends would always tune in to thier favorite jazz station on FM radio. But I didn't appreciate jazz during those times as much as I do rock and pop. But in my later years jazz is making a huge come back. In fact all my online radio stations are set on Jazz. Maybe its the beat or the melody or both? What your take on jazz?


I love listening to all types of music. The mood I am in sets the genre of song that I listen to. I listen to jazz when I want to relax. My all time favorite jazz song is, The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra.


I don't really like listening to Jazz that much - as in on the car radio or something. However, though, I love playing jazz drums.

Anyway, as far as listening - apart from playing, Glenn Miller, Vince Guaraldi (Snoopy song guy) and Miles Davis had some good stuff.


Jazz music isn't something I would say I dislike but I wouldn't say I am a huge fan of it either. If it is playing somewhere that I am then I can tolerate it and don't mind listening to it but Jazz music isn't something I would personally listen to myself or even have added to any of my playlists.

Being part of a musical family I guess I was always brought up to appreciate most music which is why I very rarely dislike any kind of music.