Japanese CERO ratings board closes due to coronavirus


Computer Entertainment Rating Organisation (CERO) aka the Japanese game ratings board will close for a month as a result of a state of emergency declared in Japan due the coronavirus crisis.

Famitsu reports that CERO will close between April 8 to May 6, citing the way in which CERO classifies games as the issue that prevents it from remaining open and continuing work as normal.

In response to the government’s declaration of an emergency regarding the new coronavirus, the Governor of Tokyo requested a self-exclusion by May 6. In this organization, since external judges visit the office and conduct examinations, it is not possible to conduct examinations at home for staff and judges.

Famitsu continues to say the closure will have “a significant impact on game software that will be released in the future.”.
Not surprised given all the game delays, everything is being pushed back to the point I doubt they have much to review anyways.

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