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Brad P

so we have woken up to some beautiful weather and we have decided to go out for a picnic at our local common with forest, fields and playing area 🙃


Whats everyone else up to for the weekend... ohh and ill be giving my other girlfriend a clean today ;) my Saab convertible its a car...
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Where ever you are in the world Weather isn't that great. It's sunny now but we had rain not long ago and the weather yesterday was bad.

Right now, inside my home on the PC typing on this topic :p

Plus watching twitch at the same time


Weather is like a rollercoaster over here in London at the moment. Hot and sunny one minute and the next its raining heavily. Had a bit of thunder and lightning earlier as well.

Brad P

Well im officially sun burnt after today, been over mums with the family for a social distance BBQ and I stayed in the sun too long lol, its been an absolute beautiful day and fantastic weekend.

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