"It ain't dead" - Solitary Warfare is coming back from the grave?


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Nov 10, 2019
Solitary Warfare possibly still happening,by several developers over Xbox Games Studio. Both divisions Apartments 343 Industries and The Coalition are wanting working on this game,but they receive some barrel bad news solitary warfare have cancelled by Microsoft and Xbox Games Studio. It shame it script alright have begun written now it been of waste,but developers trying out ask head studios bringing back IP from xbox cancelled graveyard. One emeploye from 343 speaking try bring back solitary warfare in the works and time for being released on the Xbox One,Xbox Scarlett and The PC.

“Couple (developers) of us are trying talk in and negotiations with heads Matt Booty (Vice President) of Xbox Games Studio), Bonnie Ross (Vice President of 343) and Rod Fergusson (studio head of Coalition) about revival project Soliary Warfare. After news they cancel IP,reason they think would be massively a successful hit as halo or gears or it be a commercial market failure? That other reasons why,don’t worry about that since way before production we secretly already came up characters design,equipment,weapons and story nearly half way completely since canceled. We get over 600 employees from 343 and Coalition combine together! We all we do divided into half like 300 staffs that half working on soliary warfare and other half continuing working content & updated on halo or gears,their no problem here but felt some be felt this exactly work for them without pay,thinking this be a toxic workplace? Don’t worry we came that bright when things seen how it go’s from their. For about Solitary Warfare back to development for now we schedule meeting Matt,Bonnie and Rod in like next month working out details.”-Anonymous Staffer

Emeployess over at 343 and TC are wanting to bring back solitary warfare back to full gear,but Matt felt like solitary warfare wouldn’t be great as their flagship titles,as we’ll with overweight extra works for two studios to handles. But some staffs seen that a problem with that (few probably). Solitary warfare isn’t completely dead,the fate of IP in heads of the three head studios (Matt Booty,Bonnie Ross and Rod Fergusson on deciding should Solitary Warfare be back in development or abandoned?

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