Is there such a thing as a free 'people finder'?

I don't know if this falls under the category of doxxing someone, but I keep having this nuisance bothering me online and stalking me, as you're probably well aware of from reading my recent posts, which covers all of that carry on. He's done this for the last 3 plus years, pretty much non-stop. He also doxxed me and my mate.

Anyway, the culprit lives in Western Australia, and I know him from an old Capcom fan community he ran back in 2004 (and he was on other forums I used to be active on too). I don't know the guy's last name for definite, as sometimes I've seen him around websites with a 'B' last name and other times, a 'M' surname. But I just know he resides in Perth, and writes for some Aussie gaming site... and I am in the process of trying to get him dealt with. Maybe one name he uses is a maiden name, like before his mother was married.

Is there a way you can get somebody's address from paying a fee if you're outside of the particular region you're trying to buy information in, regarding an individual? Normally though, I don't agree with invading people's privacy and all, but this one persistently ignorant dude doesn't ever voluntarily leave me alone, and he has a habit of saying and doing pretty messed up and creepy things on the Internet. I'm convinced he's obsessed with me, because he edits every single page I do just after I've interacted with them. Like I noted him as saying he'll rape my nephews, who are under 12 years of age, and all he does is keep on screwing up wikis and forums I go on, creating multiple identities to act like a shit stirrer over and over again, uploading stupid YouTube videos, and whatnot. It doesn't help that this horror wiki on Fandom I use has only one active admin that doesn't do shit about the guy. But he'd just keep signing up more accounts anyway. They also allow anonymous editing, so with most pages you don't even have to log in to edit the pages anyway. It has been a real pain having this asshole bothering me everywhere I go, and I had to stop adding things to IMDb due to him finding out I'm an actor. He apparently contacted this guy I met who directs Christian movies, as I don't see how it could have been anyone else...

I've tried asking people on RE and autism forums about him too, but they don't seem to be able to help. In the UK, we have this website ( to look up people on the voting system, but I think that only covers the UK.

Hopefully, I can get the Scottish police to contact Australia and finally get him reprimanded for his abuse; I've already reported him to the Aussie police, but they said I had to file a report with my local police first. I've had the police visit me at least twice, and they just spoke to me... and I reckon they didn't think they could do anything to help, despite all the evidence I presented. My mother is also aware of this guy being a nuisance. Just yesterday, I showed her a video he posted when she was in my flat. It's one where he walks down stairs and stamps on a Pepsi can. She said, "You stay well clear from people like him. He must have a mental problem".


If you are having trouble losing someone on the internet then my suggestion to you in that regard is to develop a new alias.
IRL stuff is more complicated. There are websites that can give you good instructions for finding information on people. Most of those websites have to do with hacking, which is something I don't know much about anymore.
The dude is a wanker. I've already changed my names lots of times, and also tried to edit without signing in, but he's still there. He still leaves anonymous comments on my filmography page at the horror Fandom, now changing his spelling to make me think it's somebody else who's doing it. He even mentioned "Gimpy" (his frequent ID) in one of the posts, and I doubt anybody else knows that guy, so it's bound to be him as usual.

Like I said, if the tosser is over the age of 30, there's no hope for him in life. But I may just request that Fandom deletes these pages about myself altogether, to be honest. Nobody is interested in reading them anyway, and they're just too inviting for him to keep on harassing me, and probably others too. He puts 1 second clips of pictures of me in his YouTube videos too, but he doctored the photos to make them look like cartoons. Nobody cares.

I'm not even going to talk about my acting jobs online anymore. This nutter has latched on to all of that stuff. So I don't talk about it anymore. The COVID-19 carry on and those jerks like Nicolette McKeown talking about me has essentially killed my career anyway. And by the way, Rub is him. He just doesn't post with the account any more because he knows he'd get the boot...
If you go to the dark net you can certainly get their info if you got something to go on and most likely willing to pay a price. Though why not just get the guy banned or change your type of name to avoid the person?


I'm not encouraging anything but like Demon mentioned, hiring someone online will probably help you with this. Probably don't even have to go into the dark web
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