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Is there life after death? What is your views on death?


Personally I think the little things in life often reflect a bigger picture. Like for example I think a lot about how people spend years of their life learning the write answers to things and the proper way to do things, but yet life is open ended. Is there a proper way to actually live life? A moral way? Or is it every man for himself. Ya know?


Paradox of Nothingness
My opinion is that death is just... nothing. It's just physical nothingness for all eternity. But I can see why some people believe in the afterlife.
Okay, that got dark really quick.
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I don't believe in heaven or hell per say, but I do believe in spirits. I believe all living things have spirits, and that when we die, our spirit is left to roam in a realm connected to ours. I also believe in reincarnation to some extent, but I'm not quite sure how I believe it works...Yet.
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I can’t really say. No one can. But I sometimes think that people worry too much about it and let it impact their personal lives a bit too much. Like people who don’t believe in an afterlife can get pessimistic or struggle to find meaning to their life and people who do believe in it fail to find as much meaning in their current life in prioritizing their immortal soul or whatever. Honestly, I just think we should all care about each other more right now and care a little less about what comes after. Just my take tho
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