Is there any game you like but most other people hate?

Is there a game you love playing but everyone else hates? I personally feel this way about Terminator: Salvation (the video game). It's a third-person cover-based shooter set two years before the events of Terminator: Salvation movie (which I also enjoyed). I loved the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the game and fighting Skynet terminators in the L.A. ruins. You play as John Connor, the future human resistance leader on a mission to rescue soldiers trapped behind enemy lines. You'll fight various killing machines patrolling the streets of L.A. while looking for survivors of Judgement Day (nuclear war). What made those fights interesting is that terminators feel truly powerful. You can't simply shoot them, bullets are mostly ineffective against them. Each terminator type has a unique weak spot. You must strategically flank them by working with your allies in order to destroy the machines.

At Terminator: Salvation release, people complained that it was way too short and that's true. You can beat it in 4 hours. In my eyes, that's the biggest flaw this game has, however that only confirms it was really good because you want it to last longer. Another thing people picked up on was the lack of variety of enemy types. You fight like 5 types of terminators throughout the game: wasps, spiders, endos, T-600, and in on-the-rail sequences moto-terminators as well as HK's. However, the lack of variety added to the realism of the game. Why would Skynet develop a large variety of terminators? It would make sense that it would save resources and just flood the L.A. streets with copy/paste terminators made in automated factories.

The game costed 60 dollars at the time of its release and it's definitely not worth that much. It had a short campaign and no multiplayer, even though it featured 2 player local co-op. Christian Bale didn't return to voice John Connor and the weapon variety could be bigger. But as I said before - these "flaws" of the game only point out that people wanted more of it because it was really fun and the way you had to fight enemies by exploiting their weak spots was unique. In the end, I'm not blind to the flaws of this movie-licensed game but they don't stop me from enjoying it. It's personally one of my most favorite 3rd person shooters. It had tension, it had post-apocalyptic atmosphere, it had the humans vs. machines sci-fi setting, I love it all.

Is there any game you liked but most other people hated? Share what that game was and why do you like it, despite its bad reputation?


I am pretty big into the mobile legends. And also I have been playing the EL CHRONICLE for some time now. And for some reason I didn't get much out of that game. Apart from that I'd say that mostly people are into the battle royale.


Brawl Stars. A lot of people nowadays think that it's a dead game, but I still like playing it from time to time.


I wouldn't say hate but I do think that the Crew 2 isn't appreciated as much. A few players that enjoyed the Crew thought that the first installment did certain things better whilst others just don't see it as being a good racing game. Personally, I love the game. The racing is a nice aspect but for me, the open world experience is what I love. It's just so relaxing to drive around the map in your favourite car.


I think some horror games come pretty quickly and often their sequels don't make it up in market.


Looks like Rules of Survival. A free battle royale game originally meant for mobile but available on PC. I enjoyed it at first, but then it got flooded with hackers and the updates made the characters look ugly. Dropped it. Funny enough, but it was the only battle royale I enjoyed playing.
Glad to know you played already, But recently many updates have been released and new modes are also on the way, take a look at the modes below.


Rygar for the NES.
Δ That's a gameplay I found of it. In case you're curious.

I grew with this game. It was a nice adventure game that kind of reminds me of The Legend of Zelda franchise before I knew it existed.

Some of the people that remember people from the arcade, don't really like this one.

Most people I've showed it, even if they are retrogamers don't really see much in it.