Is the Nintendo Switch Lite Worth It?

Tom Sharp

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Aug 9, 2019
I was just having a look at the new Nintendo Switch Lite but to me, it just doesn't seem worth it? I think that that the original Switch is just so much better value and for the small price difference between them its a bit of a no brainer. The whole usp of the switch to me was the ability to have it docked to your tv whilst in the house and then use it as a portable device when I'm on the move and the new Lite doesn't offer this.

Does anybody else feel like this is a bit of a downgrade?
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I have the original Nintendo Switch and to be honest, I would not upgrade to the lite. It seems to me like there is not much change at all between the two aside from a little bit extra battery life. I have not had any issues with the Nintendo Switch especially with the battery life so and upgrade wouldn't matter to me. I guess if people want the Nintendo Switch to be more portable then this is perfect for them.
The battery performance is this good in Lite? I guess in such case there is more likely to be place for the nintendo switch. I think market data would surely explain the same.

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