Is the "democratic game development" viable?


Jul 22, 2022
Hi everyone!

Modern game development is full of ignorance. Game developers could easily ignore what gamers think about their games and what they want to change in there. It is especially noticeable in mobile segment, but if we dig a bit deeper we will find it everywhere in different proportions. The feedback from users doesn't directly affect games, but rather is distorted in the blackbox of game developers' community process in favor of creators, not players.

I was asking myself a question - is it possible to change this development model in order to place gamers on the first place, but at the same time to make it as stable as the previous one. I think I found the answer and even started a project in this direction. It seems however I can't share any details due to forum politics regarding ads, so rather I want to ask you, do you think such user-centric approach could be viable? Any ideas?


May 23, 2022
maybe? but as far as I can tell, only indie game makers are still experimenting with making different game mechanisms and styles...

as for AAA corporation games however, most people will say it's all about milking the most cash with tried strategies and repetitive marketing. 😟