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Is Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 worth buying?


Just recently bought Resident evil 2 remake and it’s amazing. Just as good as the Resident evil 1 remake if not better.
I never played the revelations games though. Has anyone on here played them or have them? Are they worth buying
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If you are fan of the resident evil series. And want to keep the game as hobby or namesake then yeah maybe they are worth buying. Otherwise no I don't think they are worth it.
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Yes remakes are good in context of graphics. And you get better feel out of those games.

The RE remake is the best survival horror game ever made, in my opinion. Now Capcom apparently wants to remake it in the style of the RE 2 remake.


I say they remake Code: Veronica next at a push... and then primarily focus their efforts on sequels instead.
I think RE 2 remake was pretty good in terms of ambiance and also for the gameplay.

They updated the RE 2 demo. When you're outside the police station and run to a boarded up window, or something, you hear Nemesis saying STARS. There's also a letter by Jill inside Robert Kendo's shop. But other than that, that's all for the game.
What's odd, is that you get the original Jill outfit for advance ordering the game, but in the RE 2 remake, the original outfits for both Claire and Leon were unlocked. That seems... like a cash grab to me.

There's also rumours going around that there's no Mercenaries mode, and it will be 5 hours long. So yeah. It will potentially be very short.

As for Revelations 2... I think that's one of the better sequels. It felt more like a RE game than RE 7 did.
I haven't played Resident Evil 2 remake yet but I want to as it both looks pretty neat and received praise from critics. I plan to first try out the demo version on Steam when I'll have time.

Regarding Resident Evil Revelations - you can find these games really cheap here, so I wouldn't worry too much about the price.

So some stuff that I wanted to point out in Michael Does Life's many criticism / clickbait videos.

I do agree that perhaps Capcom caters more to the Fortnite and Call of Duty clan. However, what he also needs to understand is that Capcom, like anybody else, has to keep with the times. So to do a remake like Shinji Mikami's 2002 remake in a year like 2019, would be kind of silly.

With that said, the series seems to be devoid of any decent story, and I myself grow more and more concerned that they've lost their touch with sequels, and focus more on remaking games that already are legendary. I'm also not keen on the redesigns of the characters. The Resident Evil 2 remake was quite forgettable, so I'll give him that. It was a good game as a general horror adventure game, but a lot of stuff was cut out. It wasn't soul-less, but at the same time, I see where some haters are coming from.

The problem with longevity in franchises, is that as gaming moves on, they have to adapt to modern day methods that please the bigger market. By today's standards, fans that like only the original style, would be ignored on the basis that maybe that is no longer fashionable to the world of gaming today. Some people may say they sold out. It's up for debate.
If anybody wants the RE3 collector's edition, there's an issue at hand. Turns out GameStop in the United States is closing down soon, and have cancelled further pre-orders.

So I heard, anyway. 🤨
It once nearly happened to Game in the UK as well. In Edinburgh, we lost every HMV store. Now the only store that categorises DVDs is one on Rose Street called Fopp. You can get DVDs in supermarkets too, but there's not a massive range of them. This is all due to online services, but hey... this is the digital age!

Carlos looks dumb with that beard. He is everything Chris should have been with the RE Engine, plus Capcom really should have been using a guy to model him who actually should have had a resemblance to him in some noticeable manner. That's always gonna bug me that the dude they got, looks like a very bad stand in. 😛
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