Is public gaming an acceptable thing to do?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
What do you lot think about gaming in public? Is it something you'd do/not do? For me, the idea of gaming is public is linked to whacking your Gameboy out and having a sesh on Pokemon just like you would see people reading a book in the park or something. I've had some werid looks the last few times I've done it but honestly, who cares? You lot read books, I love to have my music on and my Pikachu smashing the league up.

What do you think? Is public gaming an 'acceptable' thing to do? Do you prefer to play your games out in the sun or in the comfort of your own house? Bonus points if you game in public on a next-gen console and not a handheld. :p
I think mobile games can be played in public but it turns out that console and the PC is not something people can do much in public unless the games are like those Fortnite and PUBG type. Otherwise solo gaming is lot better as far as my context is concerned. That's all I can say there.
This is funny! Well, it brings to mind the arcade games of the 80s. In fact, in those days, gaming was mostly seen as public! Well, there was Atari - but it was very limited. In fact, if you wanted a real gaming experience - you'd have to pump quarters into an arcade.

What do you lot think about gaming in public? Is it something you'd do/not do?

I would on certain airplane flights! I mean, the really long ones to Asia etc.. are at least, 13 hours long! Also, I cannot sleep on a plane - but lack of sleep might hurt gaming enjoyment - so I'd have to do the gaming early in the flight.
I have noticed that more and more esports become popular, there is going to be a demand for the people who do commentary on this. And it's definitely fun to see this as more or less job opportunity too.
I would never bother taking a game console, even a portable one outdoors. I don't really use my smartphone for gaming outside either unless I'm on a long train journey. I usually like to just listen to my music instead.
The only device I would take with me to play games outside would be my phone or a tablet if I buy one. I would never get a laptop in a public place as someone might decide to steal it or I might lose it somewhere. Also, it wouldn't be that comfortable to be playing in a public place especially if you don't have headphones. At home you can swear as much as you want when you lose a game, lol.
I think now that headphones and Wifi is the norm. I think many people tend to prefer the public gaming except for the crowd part where they can get distracted from what I have seen so far. It can be pretty bad in terms of the public gaming approach that I have noticed.

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