Is Pokemon a game for young gamers?


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May 2, 2019
So I was telling my friend how much I like playing Pokemon games and he was like this is a game that kids and younger people play. To me, I don't really agree with that, but what do you think. Was he right to say that?
The game series was always made for younger kids in mind, but there is nothing wrong with growing up with the series, or finally getting into it. I myself, nearing 30 years old, still have a kid within me.
I am not sure how the gamers once they are used to the gameflow would like it after some time. I may not even play it after 2 or so days. It sounds boring.
I wouldn't say that at all with respect to Pokemon. Just the other day I crammed myself into the theatre to see Detective Pikachu wearing my bright yellow Pikachu shirt (which I bought to go see the Pokemon festival in Yokohama last year) and there was certainly more adults than kids in the theatre. With respect to the games themselves, I can't see them only being the fancy of young 'uns, every time I go on a flight I'm whipping out my 3DS and settling down to take on the Pokemon League and no one will be stopping me. :D
I loved pokemon when I was kid. But there are people who are playing this for more than 20 years. And in different forms they have loved it. We can't say it's meant for kids though, even adults have memories and they miss such games.

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