Is it worth buying a console for exclusive only games?


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Mar 23, 2019
The PC gamers know that there are exclusives available only for Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox and generally for consoles. Do you think that it's worth to buy a console only to play those exclusives which you can't play on your computer? It might be a better deal to purchase a second hand Playstation for an example if you don't want to spend too much money.

I think that if you truly want to play the game it's worth it to purchase a console for it. But it definitely would be a better option to get a second hand one as the only video games you would be playing on it would be exclusives.
Honestly, I've always had these kind of thoughts when I see some adverts for games that appear to be exclusive only and it's always crossed my mind to go and grab whatever console it's for. At the end of the day though, I've always thought, no game has been worth me shelling out a for a whole console + the game itself when I could get a load of games on my actual chosen console. The feeling is always there for me anyway though haha. I'm not sure I'll ever actually commit to doing it though!
I really wish this is why there was one console, I so badly want to play the Rare Replay collection but I don't want to push out money for an Xbox just for one game.
I could never do this. The game would have to be really special for me to consider it (and the only one for me is the GTA series). Luckily for me, those types of games are never exclusive to just one console.
I don't think I've ever had the urge to buy an exclusive only game but even if I did, I wouldn't buy a second hand console just to play the game. I will live without :D
Depends on my circumstances at the time.. If I have the money to burn, then sure - why not. If I want to play the game that badly then I'd do it on impulse!

If like now I'm brassic, then I'll live without.
Some people have money to waste on console, online games and also the micro-transaction. I don't think the same is the case for many of us out there. In such case I would only buy console when I afford it.

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