Is fast travel good or bad for games?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
I'm sure we've all made use of a fast travel function at some point in our gaming careers. Like using Taxi's in GTA or the stagecoach in RDR2 (you can tell i'm a Rockstar fanboy can't you?) but do you think the use of fast travel is a bad thing for games? Thinking about it, I think that over-use of fast travel limits your exposure to everything else in the game like random events, little scenic things around then open-map world that you may miss if all you're doing is zapping from one place to the other.

What do you think? Is it a good or a bad thing for games?
I think for some games such as No man's sky. The fast travel option can be useful. Otherwise it'd be pretty boring to go from one destination to another. And some of the open world and limited exploration games can be something many people would want to experiment. So It all depends on developers at the end.
Fast Travel is a good option for games such as Skyrim. I don't see or have ever seen anything wrong with fast travel. Usually it's at much benefit to the player and is worth using. For the majority of the time you can't use it for towns you haven't been to and have to actually go to the town first so with the mind set in place it's not a bad option at all.
So long it is optional I think it is alright. Not everybody got the same amount of free time to enjoy their games, so these kinds of tools can really allow a person to cut the fat and progress enough through their gaming sessions.

As for me, I'd lie if I said I never used them, but I honestly enjoy the travel exploration. Breath of the Wild, GTA, The Elder Scroll games. I prefer taking my time checking things around.
I say its good well into the story, assuming the worlds are huge I rather not waste 20 mins just trying to get to someplace.
I think a lot of game developers have different approach in mind. So they tend to design the game for open world and include the fast travel. And also the new changes in the games that have battle royale includes this type of the approach. So it tend to have those inclusion in the game that I have noticed.
In WoW the portals are handy without them it will take a lot to get from a to b, so they do prove to be useful unless you wish to explore giving the gamers the option to go from a to b quickly or explore is up to the person playing and how they want to play. I will admit i enjoy both in open worlds depending on the task/quest/challange i want to do.

In the old days quick traveling across the world would have been a daunting task for those who wish to get somewhere quickly.
I think for some games the portal concept saves a lot of time. And also the instant teleport type characters can be fun to be making use of in the games as well. It was different for each game but it is fun to play some of those games.
It's good for a lot of games especially large open worlds where you don't want to spend ages just driving/walking around. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a good example of this. No one wants to ride a horse for ages to get to a different location

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