Is Apple Arcade changing mobile gaming?


Mar 11, 2020
When Apple released their new "Apple Arcade" I was pretty excited. Apple Arcade I know will not be changing the console/PC gaming niches, however, Apple Arcade is challenging and changing the iOS gaming niche. So many small studios I feel like now have a chance to compete with the big dogs, and really create some amazing games. It also gives huge publicity for the big dogs in the field because the Arcade is rather small still.

What do you guys think of Apple Arcade? Can you see people live-streaming some of these games one day?
I haven't had an iPhone since the 4s... this kinda makes me want to go back lol.
Apple platform is extremely limited. So it does not define mobile gaming world though. It's just apple ecosystem that may be changing with arcade. Android has it's own world and in fact more stronger than apple.
Mobile gaming is a non-starter. The genre is extremely limited and seems to exist solely to drive as many microtransactions as possible. That's not to say that mobile games are dumb or that I hate them; I have enjoyed a few mobile games to some extent. However, I know some people who think that mobile gaming is the future and that all competitive gaming will go in the direction of mobile games, and I think that's a stretch. Most mobile games are "pay to get ahead," so that hampers the competitive aspect of those games.
Apple platform is on microtransactions. Android has plenty of free to play games and in fact I have spent not a single penny on android based games even if those games happen to be MOBA. That I can tell you for sure in context for gaming.
I don't have it but I've been watching the games released and some of them do look appealing, they are doing better than Stadia is doing that is for sure.
Stadia is costly as in cost of ownership of stadia is a lot and also demanding on the data plan. So not something I'd look for in the mobile gaming.

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