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Is a Nintendo Switch worth getting over Mario?


I have seen a couple with the Mario characters, but not necessarily Mario. Anyway, how do you feel about them? Well, certainly my motive to get a Switch is Mario - so I'm excited to try them - though I have heard a negative review about Odyssey.


The new super Mario U and super luigi U I heard are not fun at all. Your better off buying super mario odyssey or something along those lines. These 2 games are not good in the least bit from what I'm hearing. Yeah there's always going to be that guy who likes Mario who would enjoy it but you would have to of already liked mario a lot and really into side scrollers to waste $65 on a game like this. Just saying. But Super Mario odyssey I played and it's a great game. Another great game is super mario kart 8 deluxe. Which is also a good game.
I like to think we'll get a new major mario game in 1-2 years for the Switch. I have yet to play Odyssey but I know it will be great.


Yes there seems to be update this month for both Mario and Sonic too. Sonics another adventure episode is being released. And it's out there for consoles and the mobile. And apart from that I am guessing more games like mario would be out soon as well. But we have to wait and see where things goes in such case.

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