[iOS/Android] Castle Glory: Dragon Kingdom


Dec 6, 2019
Castle Glory: Dragon Kingdom is a new genre-smashing hybrid of strategy and MMORPG. And now, it comes! A brand new year with a brand new game, why not?
Download here:

📱Android: Play Sore
📱iOS: App Store
More information on our Facebook fan page: Castle Glory:Dragon Kingdom

Two continents existing in this chaotic world. The Gaia and the Shadow Void.
After the ending of the Genesis Age came the Dark Age, the Black Dragon led the Shadow Void to corrupt Gaia.
It seemed that the land of Gaia would be torn by the Black Dragon.
It was said that only The Chosen One can save this unordered and chaotic world.

Are you the one, who can defeat the Black dragon with his knights?

1. Brilliant Graphics
Experience epic battles in stunning 3D graphics! Witness the dazzling display of each Squad’s and each Monster’s unique skills, as well as that of Artifacts’ special effects.

2. Dungeon Adventures
Setting an epic storyline in the Dungeon Adventure, to make you explore your Dungeon world with more interests and more fun.

3. Epic Squads
With 4 playable races (Human, Orcs, Hell, Forest) and over 30 unique Squads to recruit. Find your best Squad.

4. The World - To Defend and to Attack
Defend your Castle, attack and beat the enemies. Plunder the resources through war and prepare for the next war.

5. Formation is the Key
Better your formation and make your Squads both offensive and defensive, it’s the way to be ever-victorious in battles. 8 Squads to command in one battle, what’s your choice?

6. Free to Play
Follow our Facebook to learn the latest information about Castle Glory: Dragon Kingdom.
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Our Facebook fan page: Castle Glory:Dragon Kingdom
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I think it looks pretty good, to be honest! :) The art is kind of catchy and the art style is quite nice to look at.
Only thing I'm confused about... what's an SLG game? :unsure:

xenonVirus. New games are always nice.
It feels like clash of clans type game. or it is RPG type game?
Finally, the game is released. Start playing your game and enjoy it right now:
Our Facebook fan page: Castle Glory:Dragon Kingdom
Download Link:
Android: Castle Glory: Dragon Kingdom - Apps on Google Play
iOS ‎Castle Glory:Dragon Kingdom
Installing as we speak. Will check it out! Thanks for sharing!
How many installed downloads you see in google play dashboard?
How many installed downloads you see in google play dashboard?
I can’t check it because I’m on an iPhone but by clicking the Google Play link he has provided it shows over 400+ reviews already!
I think the downloads on the game page are inflated. Because the dashboard shows real downloads. Because google keeps track of the uninstalls. So that shows current status in the dashboard.

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