Introducing Xbox Project Oris - More Than A Console


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Dec 12, 2018
Introducing Xbox Project Oris - More Than A Console

Your next Soundbar: For the first time, you have a "perfect sound" designed for gamers that will change the world of video games forever with Dolby and Immersound Technology. 3D Audio with Deep bass, high-fidelity tweeters...

Your Next TV and Projector: Laser projector, 8K HDR, with optimal picture quality day and night. 2500 Lm for impressive brightness and high dynamic contrast.

Your next Personal Assistant: Ask it to start a game, turn off the light, make a reminder, eject a CD, send a message to a friend, watch a movie on netflix, change channels on TV, play your favorite playlist on spotify etc.

Revolutionary Controller: Made from recycled materials, it has a touch screen for your preferences and options.

Dynamic Mode (Pressure+ technology): This new technology allows to measure the stress level of the players by analyzing the number of strong pressure they make on the controller during a game (pressure on the controller handle for example) and the algorithm adjusts the difficulty of the game. If you play FIFA, your passes will be less accurate and your shots will be more difficult.

Fingerprint sensor to access your profile and customize your controller.

Over-the-air charging allows you to charge the controller wirelessly, place the controller on the console to charge it or leave it at a distance of 11.8 inches or 30 centimeters from the console.

Force touch (Touchpad) to access options and other interactions by applying force.

And More...


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