International neo-Nazi Group ringleader to be 13 year old girl


Dec 11, 2018
The newspaper Eesti Ekspress reports that the Estonian Security Police has detained the founder and head of the international neo-Nazi group Feuerkrieg Division, but officers cannot arrest him because he is a 13 year old school student.

The publication says that he acted on the Internet under the nickname Commander. In recent months, members of the group were arrested in several countries, but in Estonia minors are not legally liable and the police cannot take him into custody.

From correspondence on the Internet it can be concluded that just several members of the group are elder than 20 years. Coverage was widespread: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia and some other countries.

It is also noted that most of the online communication is nothing but fantasies, but not everything is harmless. For example, participants exchanged guides for the manufacture of explosive devices and tips for acquiring weapons.