Inside Xbox April 2020: Grounded, Gears Tactics, more


Dec 11, 2018
Check out the special WFH edition of Inside Xbox featuring Grounded first player reveal, Xbox Series X Tech round up, Sea of Thieves 2 anniversary updates, and more!

The April WFH Special Edition of Inside Xbox features:
• Personal message from Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox
• Graeme – or, AceyBongos – introducing our gorgeous hosts
• Grounded World Premiere Trailer
• Xbox Series X Developer Interview
• News Roundup!
• Xbox Game Pass News and Service Updates
• Gears Tactics Behind-the-Scenes
• Project xCloud News
• Hotline Miami Collection Announce Trailer
• Atomicrops Launch Trailer
• The Last Campfire Gameplay Reveal
• Top Five Console Features
• Game Bar Updates
• Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Trailer
• Shout-out to an action-packed Grounded Live Stream