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Rumour Industry insider Dusk Golem claims a new Silent Hill game will be announced soon...

I just pray it is a reboot and not another bland remake, like what Capcom has been doing over the past few years. There's enough creativity these days I'd hope, that nobody has to just rehash the past. None of the games are even really connected besides the first and third, and the superintendent in the fourth game is James Sunderland's father. That's about it.

I know people may want a full remake because of the graphics, but I would honestly think they would just ruin it.

As I say, you have to move forward, not backwards. Too many companies are remaking everything.


My point is that why the forced reboot. I am always interested in reboots that take the story ahead. And not get stuck with the same game with the remake being done on the graphics. I don't think we want that. Having new plot and new quests to complete with tangent story endins like until dawn type would be a good addition to new game.
You see, that's the thing with gaming companies. Sometimes they're too chicken to try new things, so they just go back and revisit what is popular, familiar, and so on. In the case of Capcom, it doesn't really pay off when they get stuck in 1998. There's definitely a future out there for the RE series, but the future should NOT be consisting primarily of Capcom's past. It doesn't even make sense to want to pursue remaking RE4 in front of CVX, since CVX was released in 2000 and RE4 was out in 2005. Let alone remaking RE4 as a whole. WHY?!

RE3 (2020) for example currently has a 8.1 score on IMDb. There has never been a bigger lie. RE3 is most definitely only worth a 5.0 or 6.5 at most.

Even way better games have scored worse than RE3 on IMDb, which is atrocious, and probably a marketing ploy from the shills. RE2 (2019) is a terrible game too in my eyes, but I'll cut that one some slack. It ain't nearly as bad as RE3, although that game also altered the original game's plot, removed enemies, and felt too cheesy in parts.

Silent Hill was technically remade three times already. First as a play novel, then as a movie, and later on as Shattered Memories. So just making it all fancy looking for next-gen consoles isn't necessary. Just make a new unrelated game, and give it a subtitle like all of the post Team Silent games have. Or just simply call it Silent Hill, without actually involving any characters or events from prior games.
Hopefully, it is a soft-reboot that could just use the name to refer to the fact it's like a new beginning, but it should otherwise be about a new character. Basically, by offering up something new that is completely not related to Harry Mason, or any other protagonist of the past era, we can have a new experience without anybody really overly comparing it to the old game from 1999.

I mean, what comparison can really be made anyway? The PS5's graphics are going to be way, way superior to that of the PlayStation, which was released in 1994. For I swear, if Konami ever reveals they're gonna consider developing a remake of the most popular entry, Silent Hill 2, that's going to be seen as the pinnacle of shamelessness. :(

I don't want any more remakes. Move things forward, but don't go backwards in order to do it. This applies to Capcom too. :D

Speaking of Resident Evil Village...

Since it has been confirmed by Dusk Golem that Alex Wesker is a villain in the game, do you think she has killed Claire, Moira and Barry? Feel free to start a new thread if you want.

I edited them because of a typo.
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All I know is that it's supposed to be in development by a Japanese company. I don't think Dusk Golem knows which one, or he doesn't want to say. I'm glad it's not some no name company like the Brno based Vatra Games, who did Downpour, and I think that was pretty much their only game, besides something called Rush'n Attack: Ex-Patriot. While I can't say it's the worst thing I've played, it wasn't that brilliant either.

There's no boss battles in that game, other than when you're confronted by the thing at the end in the prison. You basically defeat the boss by pulling out plugs. But while I think a break was needed to halt the lameness that was the post Team Silent era, I did not think a hiatus would go on for this long, giving how Capcom has been on a roll with their Resident Evil remakes. You would think Konami would have tried to duplicate their success and do something similar. Although personally, I liked neither of the recent remakes.

Hellraiser is a great movie series that reminds me a lot of these games, but after the fourth film, they made these direct to DVD entries that were not always that great. They're variably crap to decent, but I think if they start milking a franchise, it can really hurt the legacy of it. In fact, Clive Barker must be so pissed, that he's trying to buy back the rights to the name.

Sometimes, I get mad at Capcom for being so awkward about things, but I hope they know that us fans are watching their every move.

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